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Catching Up: Pyjamas

Most of my sleepwear/loungewear is pretty tatty and old and embarrassing. This Christmas I wanted to look a bit more presentable in the morning. Enter Le-Roy 3138. I’ve made pyjama bottoms before – a modern McCalls pattern – with pretty bad results. I liked the slim cut leg of these 60s pyjamas and the natty little pockets. […]

Shameless Self-Promotion

In which I tell you all about the woes of being a student, working part-time, having no money and a little bit of an addiction to buying sewing patterns. In a bid to be more sensible, I’m selling some vintage patterns on Etsy. They are all pretty varied, and the shop is pretty shoddy. See […]

Butterick 8587 again

I’ve always really liked this pattern and planned to revisit it. I love early 1960s styles with slim pencil skirts, plus this pattern has pretty awesome patch pockets. I don’t really wear my first version as it doesn’t fit all that well and it’s pretty bold. As much as I love colour, I sometimes feel […]

Style 2718

A dress for my holiday – using vintage pattern Style 2718. I’ve had this pattern for years, it used to be my auntie’s. She doesn’t remember what version she made, but I’ve made a few in my time. None of them have really been much cop until now. This one is made in Liberty Edenham […]

Present Conditions – McCalls 5229

My first daliance into 1940s wartime patterns. This pattern has a reminder of the Civilian Clothing restrictions on the front, but also has a reminder inside of the present conditions as a reason for an unprinted pattern. You can read all about Civilian Clothing restrictions on the excellent blog Cargo Cult Craft. When you start […]

EvaDress 1930s evening gown

My friend invited me to her wedding. So I made a dress. It was my first time using an Eva Dress pattern and I think it was pretty successful. The instructions were very brief, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage (Burda flashbacks) but I made it in the end and am […]

Adquisiciones recientes

Lots of new stuff for me… Some of it bought myself, and some of it Christmas presents. I have been very lucky gift-wise. First, the vintage patterns: McCall’s 4868, from 1942. I do realise that I’ve just finished a coat, but living in London, if there’s one thing that you can never have too many […]

Simplicity 4670 – completed

It’s done! At last! My sinister green coat is complete! Last year when I started taking sewing seriously I made a coat. It is okay, not great, but has got me through a winter and a half, and is still in reasonably good condition. After I made it I learned about tailoring techniques I should have […]

Progris riport two: creating a monster/project paranoia

After my last progress post, I left the coat alone for a few days. Other commitments are eating into my sewing time, but I’m looking to get this wrapped up in a couple of weeks. I’ve completed units one through four and it’s starting to look more like a coat now. In most of my longer […]

Progris riport

Has anyone read Flowers for Algernon? If you’ve read it, you’ll understand my misspelling. I read it several months ago, and it’s one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. When I was finishing it up, it happened to be on the tube on the way to work, and […]

Adventures in wool jersey – Butterick 3212

What with the sudden onset of late autumn/winter here in the UK, my mind turns to warmth. And wool. I love wool, it’s my favorite fabric to wear. I scored some Jean Muir black wool jersey online a while back. It was heavier and thicker than I had thought, but still very warm and very wearable. […]

Mystery dress – McCall’s 2401

Despite my sensible plans for the next few projects, I have ended up sewing anomalies these past couple of months. Enter McCall’s 2401, a pattern with an illustration I find incredibly uninspiring. I made up for it with this off-white mystery fabric. This has been made up from fabric that has loitered in my stash for about […]

A Collection of Misfortunes

At work, I am in charge of birthday gifts, including my own. Sounds sad, but realistically is pretty good for me, as I can eliminate my own disappointment. Or so I thought. This year, my gift to me was fabric from Shaukat. Shaukat is amazing, have a look. Self-drafted skirt I got a metre of […]

Butterick 8587 or my inability to use WordPress

This was originally my first post, and I deleted it. I am still trying to get my head around using wordpress, so it was a genuine mistake, but highlights my inability to adapt to new technology. I figured I should reintroduce this dress, as without it, my blog looks sad and lonely. I can sew, honest! […]