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Simplicity 4670 – completed

It’s done! At last! My sinister green coat is complete! Last year when I started taking sewing seriously I made a coat. It is okay, not great, but has got me through a winter and a half, and is still in reasonably good condition. After I made it I learned about tailoring techniques I should have […]

Progris riport three: a little help?

Simplicity 4670. It was all pretty smooth until the side panels went in. Because of the shape, and the reinforced bias square corners it was tricky to get them to sit right. There was a lot to confuse me. Luckily a bit of steam stopped them from puckering and shaping oddly. Steam and catch-stitching. All […]

Progris riport two: creating a monster/project paranoia

After my last progress post, I left the coat alone for a few days. Other commitments are eating into my sewing time, but I’m looking to get this wrapped up in a couple of weeks. I’ve completed units one through four and it’s starting to look more like a coat now. In most of my longer […]

Progris riport

Has anyone read Flowers for Algernon? If you’ve read it, you’ll understand my misspelling. I read it several months ago, and it’s one of the greatest books I’ve ever read. I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone. When I was finishing it up, it happened to be on the tube on the way to work, and […]