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  Note to self: don’t get too boisterous about what your sewing machine can and can’t handle.


Do you ever get around to finishing old projects that went astray? I prefer to banish them to an unused wardrobe and leave them to hang, so the shame doesn’t haunt me. Dramatic, huh? If I keep seeing it, I keep feeling bad. This way, I can leave it in relatively okay condition waiting for […]

Cutting Class

Tiramisu sewalong:1    Me:0 Verdict: Could do better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great pattern and I kind of love Steph C, I just messed it up. Lots of life issues have me tired and irritable and whilst I do really want to sew, I just don’t think new things are working for me right […]

A Pencil skirt

I’ve been absent, sewing a jacket and having a personal crisis. I’ve almost finished the jacket (just in time for coat weather!) and will post it soon. The personal crisis is ongoing. This project was a distraction, intended to be a quick pick-me-up for my morale, sewing and otherwise. A while ago, I decided to step into […]

When Good Sleeves Go Bad

Sleeves. You know, when they’re easing in like a dream. When the curves of the sleeve and armscye edges seem to marry up perfectly. When you feel super confident as you walk away from the sewing machine toward the mirror to have a quick peek. When it feels weird and slightly ill-fitting as you put […]