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*Here’s a post I wrote back in the day and never posted. I find it quite funny, maybe you won’t. It features photos taken recently and also from 2014. I’ve also made some amendments here and there and added new information where appropriate, although hopefully it isn’t too confusing to read.   Allders. Do they […]

Predictable me

Me Made May may not be over yet, but I’ve already learnt a lot about how I currently dress for my lifestyle. I will go into more detail about this in my much anticipated MMM finale post, but for now, lets rest assured that I am aware that most of my wearable handstitched garments come […]

Moss Making

  The Moss miniskirt pattern from Grainline initially didn’t appeal to me. I was in a knee-length pencil skirt mode. For working in an office, I prefer my hemlines to stay a bit longer. However now I work from home, and spend a couple of days a week in an upholstery workshop getting dusty, the […]

Archer number four

Fashionably late for Archer Appreciation month, here’s me appreciating Archer. This time around, out of curiosity I re-printed the pattern to the size it should be and cut. I wanted to see how it’s meant to fit, rather than me getting lucky that my first (not to scale) printed version fit really well. It’s definitely roomier, […]

Catching Up: Grainline Studio Edition

Another Scout. Obviously. I made this a good couple of months ago. No pattern alterations, other than an inch in the length. Due to the nature of the fabric, it drapes pretty well, but it’s not as floaty as my silk Scout. A lot heavier. The material is a crepe-y sort. I bought it second […]


A few weeks ago I was powering through unfinished projects, following an incredibly inspiring post by Lladybird. After a lot of hand sewing hems, I got itchy feet and fancied a quick dirty project to give me some time with my sewing machine. I made a Hemlock. As you probably know, it’s a free pdf […]

Turtles for a Tortoise

Up until recently, there was a tortoise in my life. A lovely, grumpy, ageing tortoise called Oswald. She had belonged to my nana, and been passed down through the family and ultimately ended up with me. She had been a constant all my life, and was one of my favourite childhood pets. She broke gender […]

Tiny Tank in Indian cotton

My floral jersey tank is bobbling and has become quite old looking. To remedy the situation, I made another one, just not in floral jersey. This tank is made from the softest Indian cotton and has a really nice slightly imperfect chevron. I saw it at The Cloth House in Soho and instantly knew it […]


It was bound to happen. There was a new pattern from Grainline Studios. I was going to buy it and make it and love it. I’ve made two versions already. One pink linen and one plaid cotton. Whilst waiting for time to photograph the first, I made a second. I cut this Ulster Weavers linen (an […]

Stashbusting with Grainline

It’s been a while since I last posted. Life and all its mates have been muscling in on my time, so all I currently have is work, various and far-reaching obligations and sleep. I have been able to make a few things, but not all are finished yet. These tops are from weeks ago and […]

Polka pjs

These little guys were made pre-overlocker, but I just haven’t had a chance up until now to photograph them. Not that there’s much to see here. I used Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank and Burda’s Jane pyjama set for the shorts. They are both patterns for woven fabrics, but I wanted to use up the remainder […]

Spotted Scout

My main project at the moment is my 1960s coat which is nearing completion, however I needed a break from it and fancied the gratification that comes from finishing a project. Rather than start anything new I turned to my bag of lay aways, or UFOs as sewing blog world likes to call them. I […]

The Silken Scout

I totally have a crush. On a pattern line. After my success with the Tiny Pocket Tank and the Maritime shorts, I just had to have the Scout woven t-shirt pattern. I made it from some dark pink silk in my stash. It’s quite matt, and really quite lovely to work with, not at all […]

The Red Shorts

When I titled this post ‘The Red Shorts, all I could think of was Kate Bush. That’s not to say that these shorts are affiliated with Kate Bush, sadly. I’ll start by saying I’m not a shorts wearer. I’ve only owned a pair of sweatshirt-style shorts for running in, bar childhood hand-me-downs. I’ve wanted a […]

Tiny Tank two

This is my second official version of Grainline Studio’s Tiny Pocket Tank (again, minus the tiny pocket). Originally, I had begun making one in a navy mystery fabric in my stash, which was abandoned due to the fabric being quite unsuitable. I only realised after completing most of it. Using up stash fabric is a nice feeling, but I […]