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Stitches be crazy

Unbeknownst to me until a week ago, everyone’s favourite stitchers Steotch are hosting another Steotchalong. Every five days they release a new pattern, and no clues are given to the final outcome (although it’s fun to read everyone’s guesses). I’ve very nearly completed pattern two, and today, pattern three was released. Very exciting. This time […]


At last, it is complete! I missed the stitchalong deadline, but I finally finished it a few weeks ago. Cross stitches are really hard to photograph well straight on. I am very happy with it though. It’s my first experience with french knots and backstitching, and the steotchalong was incredibly helpful, despite my tardiness. More […]


Has anyone else been following the mystery¬†steotch-along? I am very excited about this. I think I’ve worked out who it is we are stitching, but I’ll keep my mouth shut lest I ruin the surprise or have got it wrong. After a good start I’ve¬†fallen behind but I’m starting to catch up, I’m still working […]

Fit for a King (of pop)

Sometimes I do cross-stitch. This was done for a friend of mine as a housewarming gift. She’s a big Michael Jackson fan. I’m not usually very keen on these 8-bit pixel people, but these I liked. You can buy the pattern here, although I’m sorry to say that I didn’t.