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A Tale of Two Jackets

Sewing outerwear is something I usually enjoy. I love the fabrics, easing sleeves, pressing wool, but it rarely seems to work out. These last two experiences left me in a despondent sewing slump for a couple of months. After throwing away three unfinished jackets earlier this year, I knuckled down and started making the Burda Herringbone […]

Gruesome Twosome

For the life of me I could not get a half decent picture of either garment shown here. They are both terribly un-photogenic. I did the best I could, believe me.  Whilst I spend a lot of time dreaming about 60s pencil dresses and quirky blouses, I am most satisfied sewing garments I wear a […]

Polka pjs

These little guys were made pre-overlocker, but I just haven’t had a chance up until now to photograph them. Not that there’s much to see here. I used Grainline’s Tiny Pocket Tank and Burda’s Jane pyjama set for the shorts. They are both patterns for woven fabrics, but I wanted to use up the remainder […]

Merino maxi

Now my coat has been finished, I am free to sew a number of garments that have been forming in my mind these last few weeks. First on my list was a maxi dress made from this merino wool jersey I picked up a while ago. It’s a really pleasing plummy burgundy colour, and feels […]

A Pencil skirt

I’ve been absent, sewing a jacket and having a personal crisis. I’ve almost finished the jacket (just in time for coat weather!) and will post it soon. The personal crisis is ongoing. This project was a distraction, intended to be a quick pick-me-up for my morale, sewing and otherwise. A while ago, I decided to step into […]