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Me-Made-May days 9 – 22

9th May: No me–mades, DIY day 10th May: No me-mades, DIY day 11th May: Sunday Sweater again 12th May: I think I went to Leroy Merlin, and before I left I took a terrible overexposed photo of my crumpled 1940s jacket I never blogged about. And somehow between then and now I’ve deleted that. 13th […]

Me-Made-May 2020

It’s not escaped me that you are all desperate to find out my plans for Me-Made-May. I’m planning to participate, but in a similar low-key format like last year. My reasoning last year was that I had most of my clothes packed up and was about to move into a house and it wasn’t possible […]

Not my circus, not my monkeys*

A month or so after deciding to return to this blog and attempt to document my sewing once more I got carpal tunnel syndrome. Massive bummer, as it meant I had to stop working, using a computer, basically stop using my hands for a while. The timing was wonderfully ironic, but the pain was super […]

Me-Made-May 2019, days 15 – 31

Better late than never, eh? May 15th: I was on a flight, so went for comfortable basics. Jeans, a tiny tank in Indian cotton and my green monster coat as I was flying to England and the weather can never be counted on. May 16th – 22nd: I did not record what I wore. May […]

Me-Made-May 2019, days 1 – 14

May 1st: A casual start, wearing a plaid cotton Archer shirt. I don’t love this, it doesn’t SPARK JOY, but it’s very comfortable and I wear it a lot. This shirt always makes me feel practical. May 2nd: I wore my new Roxanne shirt with some jeans and a cardigan. I later went out and […]

Me-Made-May 2019

‘I sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May 2019. I endeavour to wear me-made clothes  for five days each week during May 2019.’ It’s that time again, kids, Me-Made-May is upon us, and this year I am participating on a small scale. The last two times I have joined in, I became very frustrated but […]

Je reviens

Er, hi. For years I’ve considered getting back into blogging. There are many reasons for my absence, but I shant bore you with them. To be true to myself [that is, evasive] I shall simply say that lots of things have happened since 2014 and I found myself short of both time and inclination. I […]

Thinking about knitting

The weather is changing for the colder, and I’ve been thinking about knitting. I’ve found I haven’t had a lot of interest in sewing lately. I think it’s because I currently don’t have a decent space in which to cut or sew, I feel very limited and very uninspired by it. Plans are in the […]


Roxanne by Victory Patterns has been in my possession for a while now, maybe over a year. I’ve always had the intention of making it, but never really got round to it. I finally managed it after scoring this polka dot chiffon from Goldhawk Road a couple of months ago. Although this is an unintentional mash up […]

Liebster Award!

A Liebster Award! For little old me! I’m not exactly a new blog, but I’m a very little one indeed. I’ve never actively promoted myself or told anyone about it, but using Burdastyle and Kollabora seems to have got me some attention. The lovely (and mysteriously named) C at Oh She Dabbles has very kindly […]

Me Made May part three

Friday 23rd: No picture, no me-mades Saturday 24th: No picture, no me-mades Sunday 25th: No picture, but I did wear this guy (the floral one). Monday 26th: I was at home caring for a potential hospital patient. Wearing my polka dot Blank Canvas Tee and some ropey shorts. Tuesday 27th: No picture, but I was […]

Me Made May part two

Highly sporadic picture taking, that’s the name of my game. Sunday 11th: I can’t actually remember, and I didn’t take a photo. Uh oh. Monday 12th: Plaid Archer for college. Tuesday 13th: My mystery Scout and an unblogged jacket. Wednesday 14th: An unblogged 80s knit dress I made last summer. I’m planning on making another […]

Shameless Self-Promotion

In which I tell you all about the woes of being a student, working part-time, having no money and a little bit of an addiction to buying sewing patterns. In a bid to be more sensible, I’m selling some vintage patterns on Etsy. They are all pretty varied, and the shop is pretty shoddy. See […]

Top 5 Musings

As the year comes to a close, I realise how many projects I’ve been working through these past couple of months. Too many to document successfully. Winter light is minimal, and is not good for photographing. Particularly in my dim flat. So at some point I will get round to them, but rest assured I […]


  Note to self: don’t get too boisterous about what your sewing machine can and can’t handle.