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A few weeks ago I was powering through unfinished projects, following an incredibly inspiring post by Lladybird. After a lot of hand sewing hems, I got itchy feet and fancied a quick dirty project to give me some time with my sewing machine. I made a Hemlock. As you probably know, it’s a free pdf […]

Style 2718

A dress for my holiday – using vintage pattern Style 2718. I’ve had this pattern for years, it used to be my auntie’s. She doesn’t remember what version she made, but I’ve made a few in my time. None of them have really been much cop until now. This one is made in Liberty Edenham […]

The Ubiquitous Victoria Blazer

So it turns out that By Hand London make an excellent sewing pattern. I was always interested in their Elisalex dress (such a nice bodice) and particularly the Charlotte pencil skirt, but never dipped my toes into their pool. I’m a big fan of sewing jackets, so was very pleased when I saw Victoria, but hesitated […]

Present Conditions – McCalls 5229

My first daliance into 1940s wartime patterns. This pattern has a reminder of the Civilian Clothing restrictions on the front, but also has a reminder inside of the present conditions as a reason for an unprinted pattern. You can read all about Civilian Clothing restrictions on the excellent blog Cargo Cult Craft. When you start […]

Turtles for a Tortoise

Up until recently, there was a tortoise in my life. A lovely, grumpy, ageing tortoise called Oswald. She had belonged to my nana, and been passed down through the family and ultimately ended up with me. She had been a constant all my life, and was one of my favourite childhood pets. She broke gender […]

EvaDress 1930s evening gown

My friend invited me to her wedding. So I made a dress. It was my first time using an Eva Dress pattern and I think it was pretty successful. The instructions were very brief, and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to manage (Burda flashbacks) but I made it in the end and am […]

Salme Pussy Bow dress

Pussy Bow dress by Salme Patterns. For quite a while now I’ve been interested in Salme Patterns, but never followed through and bought one. The elasticated waists always put me off. I’m not very good at sewing with stretchy fabric, let alone applying elastic. After winning this fabric on eBay (vintage viscose) I wanted something […]

Tiny Tank in Indian cotton

My floral jersey tank is bobbling and has become quite old looking. To remedy the situation, I made another one, just not in floral jersey. This tank is made from the softest Indian cotton and has a really nice slightly imperfect chevron. I saw it at The Cloth House in Soho and instantly knew it […]


It was bound to happen. There was a new pattern from Grainline Studios. I was going to buy it and make it and love it. I’ve made two versions already. One pink linen and one plaid cotton. Whilst waiting for time to photograph the first, I made a second. I cut this Ulster Weavers linen (an […]

Stashbusting with Grainline

It’s been a while since I last posted. Life and all its mates have been muscling in on my time, so all I currently have is work, various and far-reaching obligations and sleep. I have been able to make a few things, but not all are finished yet. These tops are from weeks ago and […]

Gruesome Twosome

For the life of me I could not get a half decent picture of either garment shown here. They are both terribly un-photogenic. I did the best I could, believe me.  Whilst I spend a lot of time dreaming about 60s pencil dresses and quirky blouses, I am most satisfied sewing garments I wear a […]

Ohhh Betty

You must know about Ohhh Lulu, right? Sarah Norwood’s beautiful lingerie line. One day they will all be mine, but until then she has been gracious enough to allow home-sewers the opportunity (patterns) to make their own. So far there is a Ginger swimsuit pattern, a Betty knicker pattern and a thong. These are made […]

Cutting Class

Tiramisu sewalong:1    Me:0 Verdict: Could do better. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great pattern and I kind of love Steph C, I just messed it up. Lots of life issues have me tired and irritable and whilst I do really want to sew, I just don’t think new things are working for me right […]

Merino maxi

Now my coat has been finished, I am free to sew a number of garments that have been forming in my mind these last few weeks. First on my list was a maxi dress made from this merino wool jersey I picked up a while ago. It’s a really pleasing plummy burgundy colour, and feels […]

The Red Shorts

When I titled this post ‘The Red Shorts, all I could think of was Kate Bush. That’s not to say that these shorts are affiliated with Kate Bush, sadly. I’ll start by saying I’m not a shorts wearer. I’ve only owned a pair of sweatshirt-style shorts for running in, bar childhood hand-me-downs. I’ve wanted a […]