Roxanne, Roxanne


To start where I left off, I made another Roxanne blouse by Victory Patterns. I don’t seem able to find it on their website anymore, so I can’t link it.

As my last iteration of this pattern ended up as a mash-up of both versions, I wanted this one to be true to the original version that I saw myself in. It’s made from some cotton shirting material I picked up years ago at The Cloth House in Soho, London. The collar that I was so desperate for needs a bit more substance, so this worked well. Obligatory collar shot to follow…


Even though I still have the same modelling skills (i.e. none) it is worth pointing out the superior background. It sure beats the indoor shots of my London flat. These are the grounds of a mansion in the French countryside. I’m currently living in a gîte which in this case is the old stables of said mansion. I’m not entirely sure what this building used to be, but it’s used as a shed now.

Anyway, sewing; I made a size 2 again. There is so much ease this pattern that I feel like I can be very casual about the fit and not get it too wrong. I also cropped the length, quite heavily, I don’t know the amount. Tunic-length tops have never been my favourite, and I ended up chopping off the lo part of the hi-lo hem on my black version because it was too long for my liking. It made sense to cut this one shorter from the start.


One thing I noticed is that the back hook and eye closure at the collar keeps popping open. I’m yet to learn if it’s to do with my placement or sewing, or if it’s something inherent in these old sewing notions I’ve carried around with me for years. Any tips?


Lil’ LF

Final thoughts. Well, I feel like Little Lord Fauntleroy, but it’s enjoyable to feel prissy. My inner goth approves of this sort of excessive fanciful collar. It’s the closest I can get to wearing a ruff – for now – and I kinda like it. I don’t really know what to wear it with other than jeans, but hopefully I will work that out.



  1. I love that collar so much!!
    My hooks and eyes never stay together just as they are, I always hammer the hook a bit…

    1. Oooh nice tip, I’ll give that a try. It flies open every time I wear it, it drives me nuts.

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