Me-Made-May 2019, days 15 – 31

Better late than never, eh?

May 15th: I was on a flight, so went for comfortable basics. Jeans, a tiny tank in Indian cotton and my green monster coat as I was flying to England and the weather can never be counted on.

May 16th – 22nd: I did not record what I wore.

May 23rd: Wool houndstooth pencil skirt, my beloved Keds and something else out of frame.

May 24th: Wool houndstooth pencil skirt, shop-bought jumper and my green monster. I really liked this outfit, although I’m not sure that the colours really go together. I am a big fan of mis-matched patterns and colours.

May 25th: Houndstooth skirt and a pink t-shirt.

May 29th: Busted jeans and my green monster.

May 30th/31st: Who can say?

What I didn’t fully think about when I signed up for Me-Made-May this year is that I had to travel to England for almost three weeks. That meant that I was very limited with the clothes I could take with me, plus I was so busy (returning home is always a mixture of business and pleasure, but this time involved lots of business) that I didn’t think about what I was wearing, or how many days I had to cover with me-mades, or documentation (be it photographic or written). I feel like the first half of May was very well documented, and staying on top of that also spurred me on to wear more me-mades.

Also, the weather differences put a spanner in the works. Had I been at home (France), I’d have warmer weather which presents more opportunities for garment varieties (namely dresses and skirts – arguably the thing I make the most of). England has a well-deserved reputation of not-so-great weather, which limits my selection of me-mades dramatically, and it’s already limited due to my current status of living out of boxes, waiting for keys to a house.


So, I’ve got a few pictures, that I haphazardly took at train stations, or on trains. But here is a photo of the clothes I took with me, fresh out of the suitcase. Mostly shop-bought jeans and jumpers, and a few self stitched tops and a skirt, and my coat. I think without the coat, I would have not met the challenge requirements.

What have I learnt from Me-Made-May 2019?

– The sewing community is wonderful, and it’s nice to see so many people taking part. Congratulations to Zoe for organising it every year!

-I can’t really judge things without evidence. Did I meet my pledge? Let’s just be optimistic and say yes.

-More garments for my lower half would be nice, as would some more underwear.

-Limiting an already limited wardrobe and then limiting it further into a suitcase is not a challenge I can easily rise to.

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