Me-Made-May 2019, days 1 – 14

May 1st: A casual start, wearing a plaid cotton Archer shirt. I don’t love this, it doesn’t SPARK JOY, but it’s very comfortable and I wear it a lot. This shirt always makes me feel practical.


May 2nd: I wore my new Roxanne shirt with some jeans and a cardigan. I later went out and changed the cardigan to a jumper and also wore a green Tamarack jacket.


May 3rd: Not much, woke up in some Carolyn pyjamas, and when I got home from the gym I put the pyjama bottoms on to lounge around in. I don’t feel like this really counts.


May 4th: Not a MMDay, just a terrible day moping around. Must try harder.

May 5th: Woke up in my white Carolyn pyjamas to discover they now have a hole in the armpit. It was cold so another day in jeans and an unblogged and unironed Grainline Scout tee in some border-print viscose I still have several metres of. I also wore some bonus me-made knickers. Note my nana slippers.


May 6th: Upping my game by wearing a Grainline Alder (with Archer sleeves) in some very nice denim I bought around four/five years ago from Dalston Mill fabrics, back when I lived round the corner. Me-made memmmmorriiiiieeeeeeessssss… Also wore my coat briefly.
Perhaps I will do some sort of round up blog post of stuff I’ve made over the last few years. We’ll see.


May 7th: Only the Roxanne shirt is a me-made but hey. I really love the weird collar. Also wore my green 1960s coat in the morning when it was cold.


May 8th: I wore a new Burda top and a cardigan. It rained all day so I didn’t go outside to take a picture.

May 9th: Same new Burda top worn with some tracksuit bottoms because I am a class act. No picture taken because I love slacking.

May 10th: Lauren wears blue corduroy skirt made from the Grainline Moss pattern and an ill-fitting beige cotton sweater that doesn’t belong to her.


May 11th: I wore my turtle print Archer shirt, which I haven’t done for a while. Liberty lawn is nice, isn’t it?

May 12th: Not a me-made day. I wore some crazy leggings and an old jumper and pissed about at home.

May 13th: I got my me-made on by wearing a Watson bra and knicker set. You’ll have to trust me on this one as I didn’t take pictures.

May 14th: Not a me-made day either. Ho hum.

I’m currently in an airport, off to England for a couple of weeks so I’m not sure how well this documentation will go. I don’t really remember what I packed, but there are some me-made garments in there. It’s been a hectic week and I’m afraid I didn’t give it much thought.

Lessons learned so far:
– If I have a camera set up on a tripod by the front door, I am more likely to take pictures.

– A lot of my clothes are becoming worn out and could do with fixing or replacing, notably pyjamas and jeans.

– Beige is not my colour.

– Some of my shoes look like weird socks on my feet.

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