Je reviens

Er, hi.

For years I’ve considered getting back into blogging. There are many reasons for my absence, but I shant bore you with them. To be true to myself [that is, evasive] I shall simply say that lots of things have happened since 2014 and I found myself short of both time and inclination.

I wondered at length [see this incredibly relevant post by Kathryn at Yes I Like That that I wholeheartedly agreed with] about the point of my blog, and what exactly had caused it’s demise. I always enjoyed the process of making a garment and considering the changes, the challenges and writing. I’ve always liked writing, even though I’m not great at it. Taking endless photos of my projects became difficult for me and a chore for my other half. Was I just clogging up the internet with pictures and words that held no real importance? I don’t make tutorials, so this blog seemed really self-indulgent.

I was invited to a lampshade making party at Sew Over It, which was bizarre. Don’t get me wrong, the crowd was lovely, the shop itself was lovely and it was an extremely enjoyable evening, despite my weird reservations. But standing for a photo with everyone, I felt fraudulent [and also, my face was going to be out there, on the internet, after all my shitty attempts to hide it on my blog]. Tilly of theButtons fame was there, as was one of the By Hand London crew – these people make patterns for a living, they are professionally and actively involved in the sewing community whereas I was just an introvert who sewed stuff. Most of the online sewing community seemed to be promoting themselves, starting businesses, super-chums meeting up whereas I was just making the same shirt over and over again.

Saying all of that, I have missed blogging. I’ve missed the drive it gave me to sew better garments [nothing like photographing the evidence to make you unpick that dodgy topstitching]. I’ve missed having a record of things I create and a comprehensive list of pattern adjustments. I’ve missed the other bloggers, the camaraderie, the shared joy of sewing. I know most people are on Instagram now [myself included], but I’m possibly worse at maintaining that. Don’t expect much, I’m not about to release weekly newsletters, it will just be the occasional photograph of something I’ve made with some words underneath it, but it’s not like you came here for the mind-bending riddles or endless jokes anyway.

Since my last blog post I have actually sewn lots of things. Coats, dresses, tops, a bag, even underwear. I’ve also fixed lots of things, knitted some socks, started a few ufos, and knitted a jumper that I’ve also frogged. These may get a mention at some point, but they might just stay hidden like so many other things in my offline life.

Anyway, let’s see how this goes.



  1. Life happens. I haven’t blogged in a couple years either, for various assorted reasons. Don’t feel like a fraud – you are a normal human being with life stuff and a job and family … You like sewing and occasionally (ie. when you have the time/inclination/decent lighting for a photo) share on the internet. That’s totally okay 😊

  2. Thanks Laura! Common sense, but it’s very reassuring to hear nonetheless.

  3. I did come here for the jokes! And I did actually lol at your writing. Please write more! I miss you!

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