Roxanne by Victory Patterns has been in my possession for a while now, maybe over a year. I’ve always had the intention of making it, but never really got round to it. I finally managed it after scoring this polka dot chiffon from Goldhawk Road a couple of months ago. Although this is an unintentional mash up between the two versions of Roxanne, I’m still very pleased with it.

The first version is sleeveless and features a pleated collar, which I love. I’m not usually a fan of peter pan collars or having anything buttoned up around my neck, but this one won me over.


When it came to slashing the back for the opening, I lost all focus and cut the front, so I had little option I made up some bias strips for a tie neckline and called it a day. With the wonder that is hindsight, it worked out well, as I don’t think the fabric I used would have pleated so well.


It drapes perfectly for this top. It surprises me how happy I am with this. The style is not one I’d really go for, but I like it. When wearing it, I feel a bit goth, a bit hippy and quite girly. Having seen pictures of the back, I’m not so sure. I’ve never been one for a dramatic hi-low hem, and I even shaved off two inches of this one. I can’t tell if it looks okay or a little silly. Thoughts?

Saying all of that, I still want to make another, this time with the cutesy collar. I’ve got some fabric ready for it, I just need to have a pep talk and get my sew on. Luckily I’ve got some photographing to do until then.



  1. PEP TALK! Now you can go and do it, cause this one looks lovely :D

  2. Yes agreed I really like it on you.

  3. It is dramatic, but chic and it’s awesome to make something outside your regular style and be thrilled with it!

  4. Ok, so I was ‘oohing’ out loud when saw the first picture. I love it! Of course I am a big fan of the dramatic high low hem– in a top. For some reason I don’t like it as much in a skirt. Anyway, the sheer fabric is just perfect. Very pretty!

  5. […] my last iteration of this pattern ended up as a mash-up of both versions, I wanted this one to be true to the […]

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