“When I’m no longer rappin’, I want to open up an ice cream parlor and call myself Scoop Dogg.”



This is the completed pattern from this years Steotchalong, and I’m pretty pleased with myself.

For the last month or so I’ve been pretty absent from the internet. Lots of life changes and commitments have kept me from taking pictures and typing, but I’m hoping to get back on it and show some stuff off. I’ve been pretty busy, but still managed to sew up some lovelies. I also got invited to show my face at a Sew Over It party. I was quite taken aback that someone actually read my blog, and after a lot of worrying, decided to go. To compound the stories you hear, I can confirm that everyone was lovely, Sew Over It were incredibly generous, and I had a really nice time (and made a fun lampshade to boot!).

Back to the stitching, I’m a big Snoop Dogg fan, not such a big Snoopy fan, but I do love this doggystyle sampler. I’m particularly pleased with the border. And the neatness of the backstitched lettering. There was something intensely pleasing about stitching the word ‘motherfuckin” into 16 count aida.


For my sampler, I didn’t follow the threads that they suggested. Instead I used these colours I already had, and they are Anchor threads rather than DMC. As a side note, I personally prefer DMC, I find the thread to feel a bit smoother and also have a nice soft sheen to it. I didn’t have a blue that seemed appropriate, so my two threads of blue are different shades combined. I rather like the effect. Although technically I should only have used one thread for the border backstitching. Ah well. The Aida I also already had some of, probably from the last Steotchalong.


The pattern was less complicated this year, and I found I could actually keep up with the steotchalong. That’s a first for me in any kind of ‘along’. Last year’s pattern was harder, and with more colours and there were several points where I was flagging behind. It still is a good ‘un though.

If you fancy a last minute catch up, you can find all the patterns here. They won’t be up forever though, so make haste!

Thank you Steotch. This was an excellent stitching.


  1. Hahaha love it! SO good :)

  2. fabrictragic · · Reply

    So my husband wanted to know if it was for sale, he loves it that much. Nice work!

    1. The ultimate compliment! I’m afraid this one is destined for my friend as a present, but I’d be happy to make up another if you’re willing to wait for me to get my stuff out of storage.
      Failing that I can always send you the patterns if you fancy making it up yourself. Let me know!

  3. That is brilliant!!

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