Me Made May part three

Friday 23rd:
No picture, no me-mades

Saturday 24th:
No picture, no me-mades

Sunday 25th:
No picture, but I did wear this guy (the floral one).

Monday 26th:

I was at home caring for a potential hospital patient. Wearing my polka dot Blank Canvas Tee and some ropey shorts.

Tuesday 27th:
No picture, but I was back in college wearing my newest, favouritest Archer (the plaid one).

Wednesday 28th:

Working from home, I chose to wear these two paired with Uniqlo jeans. I really like wearing cropped cardigans over longer tops it seems.

Thursday 29th:
No picture, can’t remember, so I’m putting it down as a no me-mades day.

Friday 30th:
No picture, I wore the unblogged striped Hemlock with the too-big neckline.

Saturday 31st:

This is a new dress, that I had finished earlier that day. It’s from a 1940s pattern. To be blogged!


So, how did I do overall?
I pledged to wear at least 5 me made items a week. so basically 21 days worth of me-mades.

I managed 16. In my defense, I am utterly useless at this whole selfie thing, and even worse at noting down what I wore each day. The intention is there, but I’d rather be getting on with other stuff. I think I did better than 16, but I have no proof. 

I wore a Grainline Studio pattern on 13 of those days.

This probably needs to be addressed. I’m too young to be set in my ways, but Jen makes a damn fine pattern. I do have other patterns, and am interested in other patterns, but it’s very easy to make things that you know will fit every time, and I’m far too lazy for a muslin. Plus – I wear them! I love some other garments I’ve made, but I have little opportunity to wear them. Working from home doesn’t help. On the plus, wearing an Archer to college makes me feel quite pulled together and upholstery appropriate.

Ultimately, I’ve realised that I like sewing, but I’m not so good at a month long  challenge of getting dressed in things I’ve sewn. On the whole, I wear most of my me-made garments on a daily basis, especially things like jackets, shirts and knickers. In terms of holes missing in my me-made wardrobe, it hasn’t really changed. It’s all bottoms. I’ve bought some stretch denim to attempt some jeans, and have fabric for another Moss skirt. Watch this space.



One comment

  1. My me-made-may was definitely dominated by Grainline too! Jen’s patterns are just too good!!

    Also, I just nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog…no pressure but if you want to answer the questions, they are here:


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