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Me Made May may not be over yet, but I’ve already learnt a lot about how I currently dress for my lifestyle. I will go into more detail about this in my much anticipated MMM finale post, but for now, lets rest assured that I am aware that most of my wearable handstitched garments come from Grainline Studio patterns. To celebrate and reiterate this, I made two more Archer shirts.

One of them is a direct copy of one I spied in Jen’s end of year post. (I’m also besotted with the colourblocked version.)

DSC_1046Rather than cutting the shirt front in two pieces, it’s one piece with a placket. This took a bit of brainpower on my part to figure out. Luckily I had recently made two Strathcona Henley tops (yet to be blogged!), so ended up mashing the two patterns together.

DSC_1059Obviously, the placket is much longer and the buttons further apart. The placket was a little fiddly, and I ended up handsewing the back. It’s a lot easier for me to do this with a stable, woven fabric than a knit, but I think that’s mostly due to my inexperience with knits. More on that at a later date. The rest of the shirt was sewn up as per the Archer instructions. In my impatience I managed to sew up the sleeve cuffs the wrong way round, but luckily for me I prefer my sleeves rolled up. I’m considering permanently stitching them rolled up to save me future embarrassment.

DSC_1043f1I should have just waited for a tutorial on this, (which I think Jen might be doing at some point), but I was impatient and wanted to destash a bit. I’ve had this white Ulster Weaver’s linen for over a year now. As a side note, it was incredibly satisfying to sew with white linen. Topstitching was a complete joy. Somthing to do with the bright, cleanliness of white fabric just made my heart swell. I’m now considering a host of summer dresses in white. Probably not a great idea in central London, but boy, will it be a pleasant sew.

The second Archer of this duo is by far my favourite of all of my Archers. Even over my turtle Archer.

DSC_1035Again, this was Ulster Weaver’s linen from my favourite eBay fabric shop. Unfortunately there isn’t any left, otherwise I’d be sewing a whole host of garments in this. It’s not as stiff as the other linen, and instead is incredibly soft against the skin. It has a fantastic drape, and a really nice slightly slubby texture. The colours of the plaid really please me too. Blue is my colour, but I’m totally into this peachy pink at the moment.

DSC_1028By no means is this perfect. I opted for the one pocket, and guessed at placement. It’s a little high, but I’m not too fussed. I also managed to totally forget to interface the collar, only the collar stand. My sewing skills are not great at the moment – I’ve got a lot going on, and as a result certian things get missed. Luckily, my plaid matching worked out alright. It’s not 100% spot on, but it’s better than usual.

DSC_1061To make up for it, I went for peach topstitching. The buttons are all one uniform colour, although it might not look like it in this photo. The buttons were a cheap find on eBay – my mega button stash just didn’t quite cut it this time around.

After these two, I am swearing off Archers for a while*. I’ve developed a habit of seeing all new fabric as a potential button down shirt. Don’t get me wrong, I do wear them all a lot, but I desperately need some variation. Does anyone else find themselves getting addicted to certain patterns?


* Until I find some fabric suitable to copy that colour blocked number that is.





  1. That plaid Archer is fantastic! Love the complementary colors. I can see why it is a favorite!

  2. They’re great! My mum has the habit of seeing every fabric as a potential pencil skirt…. You’re peachy top stitching is lovely. Nice work.

  3. That is a sweet plaid. Nice work on both shirts. (I must go check out the Archer pattern!)

    1. Seriously, you must!

  4. Love the colours of your plaid Archer. I’m in awe of anyone who can sew shirts. They look very tricky.

    1. I’m quite sure you could manage one. You’ve just got to find a good pattern. Without sounding like a total suck up, one of the reasons the Archer is so great is because the instructions are so clear, plus there’s several sewalong posts which really help as well. You should try one!

  5. Yes! That drapey plaid linen has got me pining! I love my plaid flannel Archer, but it’s definitely out of season. :( Will have to get serious about finding a nice spring/summer plaid like yours. The white popover is really great too, you’ll get so much use out of it. No shame in making a million things from the same pattern, as long as you know they’ll get some wear!

    1. I love the idea of getting super serious on a plaid hunt.

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