My second foray into lingerie sewing, and it’s been reasonably successful!

This time, I used some of the newer Ohhh Lulu petterns – the Anna bra and the Ava knickers (which I can’t seem to find in the shop). I used a stretch lace from Tissu fabrics (now Tia Knight fabrics), and the elastics I’ve had in my stash for a while now. I chose not to line the bra, as I wanted the lace to shine through. It’s a pretty groovy 60s crochet style lace.

DSC_1186f1I am very pleased with the bra, not only is it incredibly comfortable, but it fits really well. I had a lot of problems with the fit of the Bambi bra, due to my shape rather than the pattern (this was meant to be blogged about but it fell by the wayside).  The Anna seems to have worked straight out with no adjustments or weirdness.

DSC_1190f1The Ava knickers were fairly successful too. The fabric isn’t super stretchy, so they aren’t as high waisted as I had imagined them to be, instead the fit is more like a large boyshort style. There is so much to learn about working with knits. And foldover elastic! It’s not perfect by any means, you can see the waves in the picture above, but once on it’s not noticeable. I treated myself to the Colette Guide to Knits, so hopefully I can pick up a few tips.

I’ve got another set cut out, and hopefully more to say once I’ve sewn them together.


  1. So cool! That’s a great set, love the black lace.

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