Me Made May part two

Highly sporadic picture taking, that’s the name of my game.

Sunday 11th:
I can’t actually remember, and I didn’t take a photo. Uh oh.

Monday 12th:
Plaid Archer for college.

Tuesday 13th:
My mystery Scout and an unblogged jacket.

Wednesday 14th:

20140514_153233An unblogged 80s knit dress I made last summer. I’m planning on making another one of these at some point.

Thursday 15th:
Again, no photo evidence. I don’t think I wore any me-mades.

Friday 16th:

20140516_1314241940s austerity dress. I love wearing this dress, I forget how much I like the 1940s silhouette.

Saturday 17th:
I wore two me-mades, my turtle Archer and my trusty red denim pencil skirt.

Sunday 18th:
Red austerity dress again.

Monday 19th:

IMG_20140519_181830My new favourite Archer (yet to be blogged).

Tuesday 20th:

IMG_20140520_173755At college in a Hemlock.

Wednesday 21st:IMG_20140521_090936I wore a copycat Archer (yet to be blogged) to my driving test (which I passed!).

Thursday 22nd:

20140522_093404Some pyjamas that also went unblogged.


I wear a lot of Archers. I don’t blog enough.


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