Me Made May part one

Here’s my obligatory MMMay round up for the past ten days.

Some of the pictures were really crap, so I haven’t used them. Instead you have links and some slightly less crap pictures.

Thursday 1st:
My first viscose knit Hemlock. Just working at home today, so nothing fancy.

Friday 2nd:
Red Moss skirt. Unblogged jacket. In work today. The only thing I wasn’t too pleased about was the inevitable wrinkling after sitting down. The first outing for this jacket too. Will blog soon.

Saturday 3rd:
A two-parter.
My cotton voile(?) Scout tee in the morning. The more I wear this, the more I realise I might need to lower the armholes on future Scouts (and yes, there is one in the pipeline).


Viscose Tiny Tank and Marion for the evening. Out dancing in my friend’s honour. My 70s lurex maxi skirt is the main event here, but I liked the two tone look I sported. This was Marion’s first outing and she did me proud, although she’s a bit too wooly to dance in for long.

Sunday 4th:


A completely me-made outfit. This is my striped blank canvas tee from way back when, and an unblogged denim Beignet. I have a love/hate relationship with my two Beignet’s, but when I actually wear them, I love them.

Monday 5th:
No Me-Mades.

Tuesday 6th:

IMG_20140506_122651An unblogged Hemlock tee.

I was at college and wanted something comfortable, and also something long on top. I move about a lot and am constantly bending over or leaning to reach things. The top was good for that, although the extra wide neckline wasn’t so great, and created the reverse effect. Next time I’ll wear a little vest underneath.

Wednesday 7th:


My floral jersey Tiny Tank.

Thursday 8th:
No Me-Mades.

Friday 9th:


Polka dot Scout tee.

Saturday 10th:


Soon to be blogged Ohhh Lulu skivvies. (Trust me on this one, because I’m not taking pictures.)


So far, it looks like I’m going to be playing Grainline dress-up all month, so apologies for the monotony of that. Working from home offers me less excuses to get dressed up, but I’m going to try a bit harder.

So far, I’ve only had two not-me-made days, which out of ten, isn’t too bad.

By all means, follow me on Instagram, should you want more regular pictorial updates.


One comment

  1. fabrictragic · · Reply

    I totally understand the beignet love- hate relationship. It must be a bit like childbirth – you forget the pain of the labour once the many-buttoned baby is produced….

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