Moss Making


_DSC2618f1The Moss miniskirt pattern from Grainline initially didn’t appeal to me. I was in a knee-length pencil skirt mode. For working in an office, I prefer my hemlines to stay a bit longer. However now I work from home, and spend a couple of days a week in an upholstery workshop getting dusty, the miniskirt has appealed more and more. It’s a little bit glam, a bit younger and feels a bit cooler than a black pencil skirt. Plus, it’s a Grainline pattern, and more than likely I’ll end up making a dozen and loving them all, so why not? It’s Moss Making Month too, so why not? I’d like to get another Moss out this April, but it’s not looking promising.

The twill I used for this was a score off eBay, I got 2 metres for around £4.00, it’s really good quality stuff, and was really nice to cut and sew. One thing I’ve noticed about red fabric, is that when pressing it goes a darker colour. It does revert back to its original shade when it’s cool – it’s not a burn mark from the iron being too hot. Does anyone else get this? Am I doing something wrong?


There weren’t really any modifications to this skirt. I did add two inches to the length, only to hem it higher than I thought, so I’ll probably only ass one inch next time. The size was a 6, based on my hip measurement. I did very slightly grade down a bit for the waistband, and again, I think on my next version I’ll grade down a size properly. It doesn’t gape wildly, plus it’s hard to tell exactly where this is meant to sit. I’m so used to fitting skirts on my waistline that I’ve forgotten how to fit other areas.

Obligatory pocket shot.

Obligatory pocket shot.

The pockets are made from scraps from my 1960s pyjamas, and co-ordinate quite brilliantly with the twill. The button is one from the stash.


I’ve been pretty absent from my blog for a while. Unfortunately I’ve been a bit absent from everything lately. My current quota of sewing projects has taken a turn for the worse, and I’m left feeling I haven’t got a lot to say for myself. Ever up for a challenge, I’m going to try to forge ahead and make changes. I’m going to join Me-Made-May again, and try super hard to keep up with it. Last year I totally lost interest in photographing my outfits, and ended up pretty disatisfied with my me-made wardrobe, and my documentary abilities. Aware of this, I’m hoping to change it up, and be more productive. I’m already aware of the gaps in my wardrobe, and it involves jeans and trousers mostly. I’ve bought a pattern, and I’m willing to go there, but I don’t want to be buying any new fabric for a while, so I’m just going to plough through with my stash, create another gap, and then fill it up with some stretch denim at a more suitable time. I’ll commit and pledge once I’ve had a good talk with myself in the mirror.



  1. Very cute skirt indeed. Good luck with MMM!

    1. Thanks! And thanks! I need to photograph a few more things and make my little pledge. Running out of time!

  2. Welcome back! And great skirt :) Looks like it will be great for Me Made May since it seems super versatile.. I really want to make a Moss skirt too.. Love the pockets as well!

    1. Thanks! It’s good to be back! I’m hoping this Moss will come in handy for MMM. Make one!

  3. So cute! I love the Moss because it’s basic and so wearable, but everyone adds their own flair with the pocket bags. That plaid is perfect! :) I haven’t made one yet though… maybe it’ll be on the schedule this afternoon!

    About red fabric turning darker when it’s heated with an iron; yep! The first time I noticed this was while making a pair of red culottes in high school, hahahaa.

    1. I had a major culottes phase at one point. Red culottes sound bold!
      I’d thoroughly recommend the Moss, although really I’d thoroughly recommend anything by Grainline. Always a great sewing experience.

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