Archer number four


Fashionably late for Archer Appreciation month, here’s me appreciating Archer.


This time around, out of curiosity I re-printed the pattern to the size it should be and cut. I wanted to see how it’s meant to fit, rather than me getting lucky that my first (not to scale) printed version fit really well. It’s definitely roomier, and a bit more casual. I like it, but I wonder if it swamps me a touch. Next time I think I might go down one or two sizes.


As for the fabric, it’s a cotton plaid shirting from one of my favourite eBay fabric shops. I bought it months ago with Archer in mind, but just never got round to it. I spent a long time trying really hard to match up the plaid as much as I could, and whilst it’s not 100% perfect, I’m still pretty pleased with myself. It’s definitely better than my first plaid Archer, for sure.


Saying that, I did manage to completely mess up the sleeves somehow. I’m putting it down to tired, ill sewing and not concentrating enough. One is fine-ish, if a bit sloppy looking, and the other is just totally off. Luckily for me, I prefer to roll up my sleeves. I also did the back pleat backwards, which is something I’ve done on my first two Archers (must concentrate harder!).


  1. Great Archer! I really like the fabric you picked.. I also messed up the sleeve plackets on my first Archer, on the second and third I focussed really hard and didn’t mess it up!

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