Catching Up: Pyjamas

_DSC2355f1Most of my sleepwear/loungewear is pretty tatty and old and embarrassing. This Christmas I wanted to look a bit more presentable in the morning. Enter Le-Roy 3138. I’ve made pyjama bottoms before – a modern McCalls pattern – with pretty bad results. I liked the slim cut leg of these 60s pyjamas and the natty little pockets.

Rather than ric-rac I went for classy burgundy piping. I think they turned out pretty well, if I do say so myself.


Let’s ignore view D.

I haven’t got a picture of me wearing them, but rest assured they fit pretty well. Next time however I will make a few adjustments. Despite lengthening the bodice by 1 inch, I think I should lengthen it by at least an inch more. The armholes need to be a bit lower too. Its comfortable, but can bunch up a little. The trousers also could do with another extra inch. I had to reinsert the elastic to gain a much needed inch. The sleeves definitely need another inch or two. Whilst cutting I did take my proportions into account, and all of these pieces, bar the sleeves have had my usual length added to them. I wasn’t about to make a muslin for some pyjamas.

For some reason I did make the matching belt, but belted pyjamas are a concept I can’t yet get down with. I’d like to make another pair, but perhaps with view C’s short sleeved top.


All of these 2013 posts will stop soon, I promise. At some point I’ll get sufficient light for photographing.

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  1. […] pockets are made from scraps from my 1960s pyjamas, and co-ordinate quite brilliantly with the twill. The button is one from the […]

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