Catching Up: Grainline Studio Edition

_DSC2191f1Another Scout. Obviously.

I made this a good couple of months ago. No pattern alterations, other than an inch in the length. Due to the nature of the fabric, it drapes pretty well, but it’s not as floaty as my silk Scout. A lot heavier.

_DSC2197f1The material is a crepe-y sort. I bought it second hand at Snooper’s Paradise in Brighton, hoping I could get a dress out of it. I wasn’t being very realistic. It feels very nice to wear, but did stretch out a lot whilst sewing. So far it doesn’t stretch during wear, but Im keeping my eye on it.

And secondly, another Hemlock.

_DSC2193f1This time made out of a merino wool jersey. I’ve still got a fair bit of this fabric left, and am finding it hard to decide what to make.

As for the construction, I added an extra inch in length to the top half. As much as I like my first version, I feel that the colour-block seam hits me at a weird place. This one is just below my waist and looks better.

I had one issue with the neck binding, but that was my own foolishness, not paying attention to the amount of stretch of the merino, and underestimating, and then bodging it in anyway. When I come to use this fabric again, I will cut a new (wider) band and re-insert it.

_DSC2192f1This really is such a great pattern. It’s so easy to wear, and in such a nice fabric, makes me feel pulled together somehow.

As I’ve said before, I love Grainline Studio patterns. They are such well drafted patterns, and make such easy to wear, professional looking garments. I cannot wait to see what treats Jen brings this year.

Anyone else got a huge Grainline crush?


  1. Right with you and the Grainline love. F.Y.I. When you make the Hemlock again, if the fabric has that same kind of stretch, you should cut the neck binding a bit shorter so it lays concave and doesn’t stick out. Love the fabric and color of that Scout!

    1. Cheers! Will do. It was really difficult to stretch it to fit, the wool doesn’t have a lot of give, but I’ll give it a go when I replace it.

  2. It’s a lovely fabric! The other way you could do it in the future, especially if you have fabric with unfamiliar stretch, is to apply the neckline before sewing up the second shoulder seam, that way you don’t have to guesstimate the amount of fabric you need….. Really enjoying reading back thru your blog, just found it thru Kollabora! Cheers! :)

    1. That’s such a sensible idea. I’ve done that before with great results, but wasn’t really thinking about stretch when I made this one.

      And thank you very much! I’m most flattered.

  3. Love your colour block Hemlocks. I love the clean lines and contemporary style of Grainline patterns and are on my pattern wish list.

    1. Thanks! The Hemlock is really quick to make, but realistically I’d recommend them all. I’ve got the Moss miniskirt on my wishlist next.

  4. I LOVE the colour block Hemlock.

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