Catching Up: A Hat


Happy 2014 everyone!

In no particular order I’m going to try to post my backlog of finished projects as speedily as I can. First up, a hat.

This was knitted using up the last of my Drops Big Merino yarn I bought for Chuck. This yarn is way more suited to a hat than to a jumper. It seems to be really heavy and stretches easily on Chuck, but it’s perfect for this hat. It’s not heavy enough to radically change shape and size. I have more of this yarn in a different colour, and I wanted to make a cardigan, but I’m not so sure now.

Back to the hat. I used this free pattern from 10 feet high, and it was a really fast, easy knit. I knitted mine 8 inches long, so somewhere between the tam and the toque. Partly out of curiosity, mostly out of impatience. My head was getting cold! There’s barely any pattern to memorise, so it made for good relaxing film-watching knitting. Highly recommended.

I’m particularly pleased with my mini pom pom. After a lot of googling, I learnt that the secret to a good pom pom is all in the trimming. Who knew?!

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