Merchant and Mills Makers Apron

Of late I’ve been a bit absent. I am now a student again, this time studying Upholstery.


It’s wonderful, and I hope I can turn it into something worthwhile.


It doesn’t mean I’ve stopped sewing though, in fact I’m doing a lot more hand-sewing than ever. I just have to reign in my dressmaking habits for a while, and accept that my time needs to be better organised. I’ve got a few projects to document, but this seems like the most telling. Unfortunately, it’s the hardest to photograph, so you’ll have to forgive me.


I made the Maker’s Apron from the lovely Merchant and Mills Sewing Book. It was a very simple project, but was made fun by the addition of leather pieces (I went for suede), eyelets and twill tape.


Initially I was nervous to sew with suede, but all my machine wanted in return was a leather needle and it was fine with it. Easy. You can’t really pin it in place, so I tried using masking tape to hold it in place whilst I topstitched. It seemed to do the trick.


The book has you make up a very simple pattern, although I must admit I just drew it straight on the heavyweight denim I used. Edges were overlocked, and turned outward for a nice contrast. I put three sections into my pocket, and ended up shortening the apron by five inches.


I’m keen to make another project out of this book. The instructions and accompanying illustrations are lovely and very easy to follow. All of the projects are so sophisticated too, especially for beginners.

Has anyone else made a project from this book?

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