Butterick 8587 again


I’ve always really liked this pattern and planned to revisit it. I love early 1960s styles with slim pencil skirts, plus this pattern has pretty awesome patch pockets. I don’t really wear my first version as it doesn’t fit all that well and it’s pretty bold. As much as I love colour, I sometimes feel a bit inappropriate in drab, grey London wearing something that bold and colourful.


Before cutting I tried on version one and worked out what changes I needed to make. I ended up just folding out an inch from just below the bust, tapering up to the shoulder. I also folded out some space on the back bodice too, maybe just less than an inch. As is standard with me, I added one and a half inches to the length of the bodice. I left the skirt as is, as it was always a good fit, but it is around six inches shorter in length than the pattern denotes.


This picture made me realise that 1.5″ might be a little too much length to add to the bodice. I had this on my 1940s McCall’s dress, but thought nothing of it. Next time, if I don’t muslin, I’ll just add an inch to a seam-waisted(?) dress.


I decided to leave out the bound buttonholes – I just couldn’t be bothered. I was making a lot of things at the time that had deadlines, so time was of the essence, and life is really too short. I also did away with the button fuss on the sleeves. I didn’t quite get it the first time and it was pretty unnecessary anyway (I have an aversion to fake buttons and buttonholes and pockets) to I just streamlined the sleeves and shortened them by two and a half inches for a slightly more flattering modern look. The insides are all overlocked. The material is a linen mystery mix and frayed like a bitch. I get immense satisfaction from overlocking the seams of vintage dresses. This is probably one of my neatest insides for a dress.


The buttons were a nightmare. I have a lot of buttons but sometimes not enough matching ones for certain projects. I had to buy some, and I ended up deliberating over it for months. The dress has been waiting to be finished for around three months now. I originally wanted something simliar to the buttons I used on McCalls 5229, and bought some brown tortoiseshell ones that were too small and a bit dark. Then I bought big wooden floral buttons which looked great in my head, but not so much on the dress.  After thinking a lot and searching some more, I finally settled on these ones I found on eBay and had posted from Turkey. I think they are right, I think they will do, but I’m not totally convinced yet. The pattern description went on and on about the buttons, so I was under a bit of pressure.

Buttons can seemingly make or break a project. Does anyone else ever struggle with finding the perfect match of fabric and buttons?



  1. Wow, I LOVE this! It’s so elegant. I think the buttons are a perfect match. I always have issues trying to choose the right buttons for a project, they make such a huge difference and it’s tough to narrow down the best ones. These are great.

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  3. We’re black and gold twinsies today! Your dress is incredible looking, and I agree with you on how important buttons are. Especially to black fabric, for some reason. I think you made the right choice on yours! They strike the right balance between subtle and visually interesting.

    1. Thanks! It seemed to be really hard to find the middle ground between plain buttons and contrasting buttons, which sounds very silly said aloud. I never realised how hard it was finding good buttons for black garments.

  4. I think the buttons work nicely with this dress :) I, too, struggle with finding the perfect button for nearly all my makes. There are so many nice ones, but rarely THE one. Ah, choices :)

  5. What a classy dress. Yes I struggle with buttons all the time. I keep buying vintage on the Internet only to find the are tiny.

    1. Oh dear. I’ve got lots of inherited vintage buttons, and I often seem to have the perfect one, but never enough of them to use in the project I want.

  6. This is very nice! I love especially the neckline. It looks very classy:-) The buttons you chose are perfect for this dress!
    I have button dilemmas with every project requiring buttons, and end up buying more than I need because of that@_@

  7. This looks so sophisticated, love the neckline. Good call on the buttons, they’re really unusual and look great with the black. The bodice would look great as a top too.

    1. I never thought about that. I was thinking about the skirt becoming a (er…) skirt, but the bodice could definitely make a lovely top…

  8. gorgeous dress!! I really struggle with matching buttons to projects – you did a great job here!

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