You winning prizes, me losing dignity


After what must have been the saddest giveaway on a blog ever, I have some winners! Despite the low numbers, I still went to the random number generator, just to be sure.

  • Style 3952 goes to Gemma Smith!
  • Style 3205 goes to Amy!
  • Massive buttons go to Mary!

Ladies, please send me an email and let me know your collective addresses and I’ll send these bad boys your way.


Lessons learnt:

  1. More blog followers will lead to more exciting giveaways – I jumped the gun a bit and assumed, somehow, that people would have a sixth sense to come and read my blog.
  2. Better prizes will lead to more exciting giveaways – It’s not enough to offer up some patterns I don’t care for. Give the people more.
  3. Never be afraid of tarting up the giveaway to get people involved – Again, don’t talk down what I’m trying to do here. You can’t shine s**t, but you can polish a turd, so they say.*

(* By no means am I saying these are crappy patterns/buttons. I’m just very bad at talking things up)


  1. Hello, I meant to enter but forgot as I was getting ready for work – I do most blog reading on the run unfortunately! The buttons are lovely, better luck next time, and I MUST do more with my blog instead of just reading others! šŸ˜

  2. Oh no! Sad to hear that you didn’t get many entries. The reasons you have above are some of the ones that I have stopped myself from doing a giveaway with. I still didn’t win though, ha ha! Maybe some of us smaller bloggers should join forces for a giveaway what do you think? (I havent done much blogging recently due to wedding biz, but maybe in the New Year? Or a Chrimbo giveaway!)

    1. Yes! A smalltime giveaway! I’m definitely up for a collaborative effort.

      1. Ooh yay! I’ll keep note of everyone and try and drum up some interest, and we can do something pre-Christmas! How exciting :-)

  3. Aah, sorry to hear you didn’t have many entries. The only reason I didn’t enter is because I have so many unopened patterns already, I daren’t get any more! But I do follow your blog. I’d be up for a collaboration too…

    1. It wouldn’t have been much fun to force patterns on you anyhow!
      We should definitely talk with Deborah in the near future and sort out something.

  4. I’ve had the same problem but I don’t necessarily think its the quality of the prize. I had small entries for some really popular patterns there seems to be too kinds of bloggers, those who go out to get lots of followers and a potential business and those who blog for themselves, whoa for small bloggers and I’ve just found you from we sew retro

    1. Interesting. I guess the number of entries is all down to blog traffic at the end of the day. I’m not on facebook or twitter either, so that doesn’t help spread the word.
      I do enjoy posting pictures and reading of others exploits through blogs, as sewing can be quite a lonesome activity (it is for me anyway). It’s nice to send something out and her another voice.

  5. Best, best buttons. :)

  6. Oh! I’m so sorry I didn’t respond. I’m ages behind in my blog reader, and I didn’t see this post! Thank you so much for the pattern. I’ll send my address right away! And, I love the idea above, about doing a collective giveaway. The recent Seven Bloggers One Pattern challenge had what was essentially a group giveaway, and I thought it was a lot of fun!

    1. PS In Bloglovin, only snippets of your text come through, no photos. And, your photos are great! Perhaps people who stumble upon your blog over there don’t know to stick around because they can’t see your work?!

      1. PPS Nevermind. I was searching through my unread posts in a way that wasn’t set for showing photos. Ignore my last comment.

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