A little giveaway

Hey folks. I’ve been particularly busy but I do have several new things to post about. All in good time.

Meanwhile I’ve got a couple of sewing patterns and some buttons that I’d like to giveaway to you lovely sewing folk.

There’s Style patterns 3952 and 3205 from the 1970s…


Style 3952, from 1972, is for those who loved the look of Courtney Love’s grunge days. I’m not a big fan of this style, because it doesn’t look good on me, so I’d rather it went to someone else who could use it. I spent much of my misspent youth trying to look as effortlessly messy as she did, but it didn’t work out. The pattern is a size 12, or bust 34. I’ll actually miss this one when it’s gone, despite it bringing out my ranty side with it’s infantilised women illustrations.

Style 3205 is from 1971 and is actually quite nice. I think view C is pretty and it lends to some good ol’ colourblocking. It’s just not for me, I think it’s the powerful sleeves of views A and B. I’ve got too many patterns in this vein, it’s time someone else shared the joy. This one’s a size 14, or bust 36.

And last but not least, some buttons:


These are quite lovely. Rose print wooden buttons. Quite big though, they are 3cm in diameter (and 4mm thick for the pedants amongst you). I’ve got 11 of them. I bought them with a specific dress in mind, but found that they just didn’t work. So I’m passing on the joy…

(A word of warning though – only the top of them is printed, the sides are not black. This may put you off.)

Feel free to comment if you’d like any of these, or indeed all of them and leave me some contact details. I’ll give it until Sunday 6th October (GMT) and then choose some winners.

**Giveaway now closed**


  1. Ooh I love the buttons!I’m a big fan of the big button, but it can be difficult to match them to the right project. I’m thinking black cord skirt?

  2. I’d like to enter to win Style 3205. I love this era of patterns. I made a couple from my grandma’s stash while I was in high school and I wore them to bits!

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  4. Gemma Smith · · Reply

    Oh I’d love to win pattern 3952 :) Thank you :) I’m loving reading through all your posts :)

  5. Hooray for giveaways! 3205 and those buttons are just darling!

  6. I love the buttons! There’s a great button shop here in Sydney but so many buttons so little time. And yes…what is the perfect project for them?
    I also like 3205 as a nice little summer dress

  7. […] you might recognise Style 3952 from my failed giveaway. The rightful winner never got back to me, so I’m moving it on in internet sewing land. […]

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