Style 2718


A dress for my holiday – using vintage pattern Style 2718.


I’ve had this pattern for years, it used to be my auntie’s. She doesn’t remember what version she made, but I’ve made a few in my time. None of them have really been much cop until now. This one is made in Liberty Edenham print cotton (not lawn). It’s really nice and soft, but holds the shape of the dress pretty crisply.


Rather than use a long zip, I opted for a large keyhole opening in the back with a button closure. I didn’t have a good colour match zip to hand, plus I wanted to experiment to see if this would work. It’s pretty big, so you can see my slip in the keyhole. It does gape a little if I stand weirdly, but on the whole it’s quite a nice detail, and I hope it stops the dress looking too infantile. After all the print is pink and flowery and quite an unusual choice for me.

Another modification I made was to de-puff the sleeves. I just measured the armsyce and took out the extra in the sleeve cap. It worked, but I think I could have done it better, and perhaps more accurately. The sleeves do stretch a tiny bit over my shoulders.


I also made the self fabric belt and added my new favourites, thread chain belt loops. Can you see the belt?


I’m pretty happy with this dress, it was super comfortable to wear, but I am sad that I only got to wear it once before the summer disappeared overnight. Looking at the pictures I’m not convinced by the proportions. I think my long-waisted torso needs some more length to balance it out, but time will tell whether I am right or just too used to longer skirts.


  1. Gorgeous and what unusual darts too!

  2. Beautiful dress! I really love the opening in the back :) I really like that technique for belt loops..

  3. […] twill tape in my stash (complete with genuine tea stains!), and I used a scrap of Liberty lawn from a summer dress for the […]

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