The Ubiquitous Victoria Blazer


So it turns out that By Hand London make an excellent sewing pattern. I was always interested in their Elisalex dress (such a nice bodice) and particularly the Charlotte pencil skirt, but never dipped my toes into their pool. I’m a big fan of sewing jackets, so was very pleased when I saw Victoria, but hesitated until I saw one made up, namely the one on Yes I Like That. I’m a big fan of pattern illustrations, and seeing the style lines. I often buy vintage patterns purely on the illustration, and the perceived glamourous lifestyle it will bring me. Victoria seemed a bit Miami Vice, a bit young James Spader and I wanted in.


It’s a really good pattern, it’s loose fit is very forgiving and avoids all those pesky pattern alterations you may be used to making. It’s easy to construct, has minimal tailoring fuss and is super quick. And then there is the beautiful packaging that everyone raves over. It’s exquisite and puts all those crap paper envelopes of the big four to shame.


My only beef lies in the lapels. They aren’t interfaced and they aren’t part of the jacket front, so despite a lot of pressing and tacking down, they still flap open at any opportunity. I’ve noticed this with other people’s makes of this pattern, but hoped that I could overcome it. Sadly not. My jacket is made from a self-striped cotton suiting which is very soft and light and perfect for a summer jacket, but only adds to the lapel-flap. I’m sure if I had interfaced the collar and lapels of sewn them in a contrast (heavier) fabric I wouldn’t have this problem so much.

I also lined the jacket, and lined the sleeves too, I didn’t like the idea of not lining the sleeves. The lining is a cotton shirting from a weird little fabric shop in Ealing. There’s also a cheeky little inside pocket for my travelcard and such.

Did anyone else's mum sew these labels into their school uniform?

Did anyone else’s mum sew these labels into their school uniform?

Overall though, an excellent pattern and great for people who find jacket sewing daunting. They will quickly find that it isn’t. I’m now tempted to buy the Anna dress, as so many great versions keep popping up.


  1. I love this version! Gorgeous fabric and lining. I found the same thing with the lapels. I did see Charlotte of By Hand London wearing hers with the lapels flipped in, away from the jacket sides, and the collar flipped out (if that makes any sense at all?), and it looked cool and tuxedo-ish so am considering going with that for my next version rather than trying to coax them outwards.

    1. Your lapel description does make sense, and sounds pretty cool. I might have to unstitch my tacking and give that a try, or just use it as an excuse to make another…

  2. Really like this – I much prefer this length than the cropped, goes with far more. Yours looks very cool!

    1. Thanks! I prefer the longer length too, I’m not really a cropped jacket kind of girl. And it really does go with everything.

  3. Really cute! I love the whole outfit you put together here, polished and relaxed at the same time. I haven’t seen the pattern in real life, but it seems like it should have facings?? The lapel issue and not lining the sleeves make me weary about the pattern, but I do really like the design from the outside. I think as long as you keep the fabric pretty casual (like you did here) it’s a winner!

    1. I was very dubious when I saw all the pattern pieces and saw no facings. Even the side seam pockets put me off. It’s not your average tailored jacket, but I suppose it’s meant to be pretty basic and relaxed in both fit and style, so I’ll forgive it. It’s very simple and a perfect introductory jacket, and I really, really like the look of the lapels.

  4. I love your version of the Victoria jacket. very inspiring:-)

    1. Why thank you! If you’re teetering on the fence about this pattern I’d really suggest you give it a go.

      1. definitely want to give it a go after seeing your version! it is very much the style of jacket I had been looking for.

  5. I’m just about to decide on whether I want a contrasting collar or not so I’m looking round other people’s versions of this blazer, yours is lovely, looks very chic. I was wondering about interfacing too and it’s going against all my instincts to not use it!

    1. Some of the contrast collars I’ve seen have looked great. As for the interfacing, it is very weird not to use it, but I guess it lends to the jacket’s boxy, unstructured look.

  6. Your Victoria looks great! Very casual and cool and the length is perfect. I have been dragging my feet on this pattern due to floppy lapels…I am considering adding interfacing and facings, we’ll see how it goes! Would it be super rude if I asked what size you made? We look about the same size to me and I keep waffling about which size to pick…

    1. Thanks very much! It is indeed quite perfect, so easy to wear, and looks good with most things it seems.
      The lapels aren’t all that perfect in my opinion, but I have seen a couple of versions where the lapels flip inside and it looks quite good. You can always tack them down a bit, but I’d be really interested to see if interfacing helps… I’d like to make another version at some point.
      And no, not rude at all. I made a size UK8, for a 33″ bust, although my measurements are 34/27/38. I knew it would be a large fit, but I didn’t want it too large. Hope that helps!

  7. Thanks so much, that was the size I had been leaning towards so that helps a lot- our measurements are pretty close! I’ll probably make it more towards spring as our weather warms up :)

  8. I love this! Have just bought the pattern to make a Spring jacket so have been looking for inspiration. Where is the shop you talked about? I’m in Ealing and have never spotted one!

    1. Why thank you! It is a really great pattern, it comes highly recommended. I’ve been considering making another, slightly heavier weight version myself.

      The shop I went to is called Ealing Fabrics, and it’s nearer Hanwell. The postcode is W7 3ST, it’s a little bus ride away from Ealing centre. It’s a good enough shop, although I had trouble locating fabric (might just be my own pernickety tastes), but they have an amazing selection of trimmings and also printed jerseys from what I remember. If you’re into knitting I can also recommend Daniel on Uxbridge Road in Ealing, the customer service from the guy there cannot be beaten. I love going there just to see him.

      Anyway, hope that helps. By all means if you need any further information, give me a shout.

  9. Ah, don’t often go Hanwell way but might have to make a journey this weekend! I do know Bunty’s in Daniels – love that man! Had to stop going for a while though because he was so kind to my daughter and kept giving her things (a ball of wool one week, buttons the next). It got embarrassing! Thanks for the info!

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