Tiny Tank in Indian cotton


My floral jersey tank is bobbling and has become quite old looking. To remedy the situation, I made another one, just not in floral jersey.


This tank is made from the softest Indian cotton and has a really nice slightly imperfect chevron. I saw it at The Cloth House in Soho and instantly knew it would make a perfect Tiny Pocket Tank. It’s so soft and light against the skin.


The print made my eyes go funny whilst I was cutting it, so I opted out of the tiny pocket. I don’t think I would have done a good job with the topstitching with my eyes pulling in and out of focus. It’s cut on the cross-grain, as I wanted the chevrons to run horizontal rather than vertical.

As the cotton is very soft and gauzy, my machine struggled a bit with the bias bound edges, so I ended up handstitching them down. It made for a nice, relaxing activity on a hot weekend. I also hemmed the tank using bias tape. I’m not very good at hemming curved edges, try as I might, so I followed Andrea’s example on her Archer and am very pleased with the result.


I’m very happy with this tank. I finally feel like I’m making headway with matching fabric to patterns. Let’s hope my good judgement continues.


  1. I love this fabric! Your top looks awesome :)

    1. Thank you. I’m thinking of ways to validate buying more of this fabric.

  2. very nice and summery!

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