It was bound to happen. There was a new pattern from Grainline Studios. I was going to buy it and make it and love it. I’ve made two versions already. One pink linen and one plaid cotton. Whilst waiting for time to photograph the first, I made a second.

I cut this Ulster Weavers linen (an eBay score) out about a month ago before becoming very, very busy. I even marked the pieces and applied interfacing where needed. Having done all this already made starting this project so much easier. Rather than dig out the instructions I just followed the sew along instructions online and soon found myself stitching perfect button bands and french seaming sleevecaps.


My finishing was going really well until the collar stand. You can see here on the pink shirt a weird fold on the inside. I was very tired and a bit grumpy and kind of just ran with my mistakes rather than caring about getting the topstitching right. It’s not too big a deal as it can’t been seen when worn, but it’s a shame when I was doing so well. I did a much better job on the second Archer. I made very few alterations to this pattern, I just added two inches in length to both the front and back pieces and the sleeves. The length is perfect.


But lets talk about the colour of this. It is pink. Really, really pink. Barbie pink. The description on eBay was ‘dusky pink’ but dusky it is not. Throughout making this I was psyching myself up to wear it, thinking I could get away with it. I’ve worn it once already and actually really like it, although it’s very different from my usual colours.


As for the second shirt, it all came together even more smoothly than the first Archer. I spent a while matching up the plaid at the side seams, and whilst not totally accurate, it’s pretty good. It’s an uneven plaid that I cannot cohesively explain. I’m sure there’s a specific word for it and I will find out, I promise. I cut the yokes, button band  and pockets on the bias to try to help myself avoid stressful plaid matching.


The buttons on both shirts are vintage stash buttons. The pink shirt has different cuff buttons because I didn’t have enough, but it’s no big deal.

And yes, I wholeheartedly love these shirts. I love Grainline Studios. It’s an incredibly good pattern and I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of these on this here blog.


  1. They look very good! I have this pattern too and I’m just waiting for the right fabric to come along!

    1. Thank you!
      Go for it I say. I haven’t found a sewing blogger yet that didn’t enjoy making an Archer.

  2. DUDE!! These are so awesome!! I love the pink linen version!!

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