Me-Made Mess

Participating in Me-Made-May was a really great idea in my head. I love the thought and inspiration behind Me-Made-May. I’m a huge fan of Zoe’s blog and find myself nodding along in agreement when reading her valuable posts about sustainability and about making self-aware choices in consumerist habits. I thought that for one month I could discipline myself enough to document what I really wear every day, wear some of my old me-made garments and fall back in love with them, and hopefully finish up a couple of new ones that have been languishing on my  dress form. Nothing too drastic for my first attempt, but I really thought I could play along comfortably.

No such luck. I failed on so many accounts. I blame myself mostly, but there were a couple of other factors at play here. The weather for one. It was incredibly changeable and confusing. This means that it was too warm for tights, too cold for bare legs so I reverted to mostly jeans (I only have two pairs) and Tiny Tanks or Scouts. I don’t like wearing tights at the best of times, and it felt weird to wear them in May, so I allowed myself to ignore most of my skirts and just wear the same outfits over and over and over again. Bad practice. I also found myself taking on a lot of work outside of my day job which left me very little time for sewing/finishing/mending garments.

On the plus side I have realised what is wrong with my clothes that I don’t wear. I’ve got a pile of things to make do and mend, from re-shaping trousers to sewing some bulky pockets closed. I’ve re-discovered a dress that previously only had one wear due to a bad self-drafted skirt. Now that its shorter and better fitting I can see it getting many wears.

My main realisation is of how limited my me-made wardrobe is. I thought I would have the whole month covered, but I struggled most days to find clothes and wear them, or adapt them for the changing weather. Almost every day I fell in to the tried and tested trap of jeans and a top, and it was incredibly boring to be stuck there. I found that I didn’t actually want to photograph myself every day. I’d check the Me-Made-May flickr group and feel embarrassed at the variety, and how I didn’t have any. I’m working on an action plan now, I’ve even started a spreadsheet. What I want to make, whether I’ve got fabric, wearability with my existing wardrobe and even a list of things I’ve started sewing and need to finish. I’ll probably explain it better once I’ve realised my plan fully, but for now that’s all I’ve got.

All this said I am very pleased I joined in MMM this year. It was nice knowing that somewhere in the world there were loads of other people all wearing outfits they had stitched up themselves. I felt part of a community and I liked it a lot. It’s been really helpful for scrutinising my needs and wants from a self-made wardrobe and I’m excited to put my new-found knowledge to good use.

Thanks Zoe!

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