Me-Made-May 2013: week four/five

It’s over! Here’s how my last week went (spoiler: it’s disappointing)

  • Friday 24th:


Nothing me-made was worn to work (apart from wearable muslin Betty knickers), but I did sleep in a me-made top. It’s a jersey kimono sleeve tee from Burda. It was the first t-shirt I ever made, and the neckline is quite  rubbish. Comfy though!

  • Saturday 25th:


Pre-blog polka Lydia top with jeans and a refashioned men’s cardigan.

  • Sunday 26th:

Photo on 2013-05-27 at 17.10 #3

Tiramisu house-dress. Again, housebound taking photos for a website. This is what I wear at home if I want to be super comfortable, but out of pyjamas. I really like taking pictures of stripey garments.

  • Monday 27th:

Tiramisu again! My day off from photographing. I went swimming and got a bit of sewing in.

  • Tuesday 28th:


Black pencil skrit and jumper. A very cold and rainy day, annoyingly. I didnt know wat to wear in the morning but was back to work so I opted for this very boring ensemble.

Wednesday 29th:

Black polka scout, jeans and a cardigan.

  • Thursday 30th:


Plain vest top under a shirt. I was not feeling any me-made love hence the hideaway. I only remembered to take a picture as I was getting ready for bed too, so sorry for the slobbiness. However do check out my awesome Little Mermaid plastic glitter picture. I made this in 1991, Crafty Little Bugger – The Early Years.

  • Friday 31st:


Yep. That Tiny Tank again. It’s starting to bobble quite badly, I might need to think about letting it go soon.

Conclusion to follow!

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