Me-Made-May 2013: week three

This week was hard. It’s been dire on all fronts. A fair few repeats and realisations, and very few photos. I wear the same outfit every day, I struggle to think outside my ‘jeans and a top’ box. I’m starting to accept that I need to make a sewing wardrobe plan and stick with it. I need to be stricter with my sewing intentions, and stop getting distracted. I’ve got so many basic tops, that all my outfits have become boring, uninteresting and bland. Anyway, before I slate myself further, here is my (extended) week of outfits…

Wednesday 15th:

  • Vest top. Under a jumper. No pictures. Nothing to show. It’s nothing to write home about.

Thursday 16th:


I updated this skirt especially for MMM. I didn’t wear it often because there was something amiss. I decided that it was a waistband. Not that you can see it here. I prefer my skirts to have waistbands, and luckily I had some leftover denim. Easy. 

Friday 17th:

Um… I don’t actually remember, and I didn’t take any photos to remind myself. FAIL!

Saturday 18th:


Sunday 19th:

  • Floral jersey Tiny Pocket(less) Tank. Yes, again.

Monday 20th:


Tuesday 21st:

Wednesday 22nd:


  • Victory Hazel 

This was made pre-blog. I like it a lot, but it turned out very office-y much to my dismay. One day I will make another one, but in some plain colours, to avoid the skirt and blouse effect of this one.

Thursday 23rd:


I forget how much I like this version. It’s made from an old skirt of my nana’s.

Lessons Learnt:

  • All my outfits are quite samey and boring. I need more variety.
  • I shouldnt be too worried about what doesnt fit perfectly. No-one else really notices.
  • Jeans should be banned for a couple of weeks.
  • A few casual dresses wouldn’t go amiss.

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