On Creative Urges

So many projects, so little time.


I struggle to buckle down and finish garments. On Wednesday night I managed to finish off a small knitting project and fix a skirt to wear today. Pretty productive for a school night, however I also have a jacket lining to sew and insert, a dress I started making for a party but couldn’t finish on time (I got sick!), a merino knit top I started months ago (just a Lydia, but still, I can’t seem to get past the boring bit), a wool jersey pencil skirt, a cross stitch I’ve been working on for a year, an Archer shirt cut out and I’ve just ordered some yarn to knit my first jumper. Whew!


Where will I stop? The idea of working on one item at a time (or at least one sewing, one knitting etc) is so appealing, but try as I might, I just can’t stick to it. My mind constantly darts about to new things i want to make, new things I want to learn, new things to replace the old in my wardrobe, and my hands and my time just can’t keep up. Certain projects (Lydia, pencil skirt) aren’t as visually arresting to work on which presents a problem to me. Not that every single sewing project needs to be a Galliano gown, but sewing a plain black skirt just isn’t as fun. The worst thing is that I know it will be fun once I’ve made it, and once I’m wearing it every day because it goes with everything I own. My brain can do the right thing when prompted, but it lacks stamina with rational thought. Other projects (cross stitch) are just plain boring to do, and seem overwhelmingly time consuming.


What’s the best way to tackle this? I’d love to sit down and finish them all in one go, but it’s surprisingly hard to do. I’ve got no interest in finishing the dress, despite drooling over the pattern for a few months and now that most of my jacket is made, I’m bored of working on it. (I think that’s a separate jacket-related problem though, one which I’m hoping to overthrow.)

In the midst of all of these unfinished projects, I have a mental list of projects I want to undertake. New, exciting things! Practical wearable things! Summer-related things! Baby-related things! It doesn’t help having a small fabric stash that I’d like to get through. I’m trying to buy yarn one project at a time though, which is how I intend to keep it. My flat isn’t big enough to hide fabric and wool in.


How do other people deal with overactive creative urges? Do people keep sewing to-do lists, or work on the fly? I must admit a lot of my pattern buying are spur of the moment purchases. Sadly this means I don’t get around to making a lot of them as fast as I’d like, but boy are they fun to go through.

What do people do when they have too many projects? Is it best to take a breather from it all, or just plough through it like a machine?


  1. I’m definitely a list person! I’ve bought a whole load of patterns (mainly dresses) on impulse just because they were half price and so my plan is to work my way slowly through them but in between I’m making “little” things like tops and skirts….I’ve banned myself from buying any more patterns until I’ve made every single one I’ve already got!!

  2. Lists are good, but I tend to deviate from them. I get caught up in the ‘little’ things too easily. I need some sort of craft focus! The idea of a ban could be useful, maybe I should implement some sort of similar rule to yours.

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