Me-Made-May 2013: week two

Wednesday 8th:


Despite the stain, I still wear this from time to time. I’m concentrating more on what I wear and what I have made, and I think I need to lower the armholes a tiny bit on future Scouts.

Thursday 9th:


  •  Calvin Klien/Vogue blouse (unblogged)

This blouse was made after this mess to redeem myself. Redeem myself I did not. It wrinkles like a bitch and doesn’t get worn much. It’s more droopy than blousey. I might relegate it to sleepwear.

Friday 10th:


  • Polka Blank Canvas tee

Yep, again. I was always expecting repeats. I went to ATP and basically took some jeans and a few tops with me, so don’t expect any revolutionary outfits for the next few days.

Saturday 11th:


This gets worn loads. So much. I want some more of these in my life.

Sunday 12th:


Not the greatest picture of all. My documentation of MMM is getting progressively worse. This dress isn’t a maxi anymore. I chopped the bottom off so it’s now around knee length. It wasn’t really full enough to walk normally in as a maxi dress, but I think it will get much more wear now. Unfortunately you can’t really see here. Better photo to come

Monday 13th:


I can’t say that much about jeans and t-shirt outfits. They are a huge part of my life right now.


  • Cream vest top (unblogged)
  • Knickers (unblogged)

Another uninspired outfit. Not much me-made on show, but at least I know it’s there. They are both very simple basics, and wearable muslins. Nothing to write home or blog about.

Lessons Learned:

  • Relying on jeans and t-shirt combos is a bit boring.
  • Re-evaluating what I have can lead to winning results.
  • I need to make more garments for my lower half, and stop making Scouts and Tanks.
  • Self-portraits – could do better.

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