Me-Made-May 2013: week one

As this is my first ever Me-Made-May, I thought I should make an effort document it and what I am learning about my me-mades. This first week has been okay, although it is a bit of an effort making the conscious decision to choose from a limited wardrobe selection. Honestly, I thought it would be a bit easier. Having lurked MMMs before I figured it would be simple, but it’s actually proving to be a bit of a struggle, and a lot of forethought is needed. I think this is predominantly because I dislike most of my wardrobe right now, me-made or otherwise.

Wednesday 1st:


This was a pretty easy outfit. This skirt goes back years, and I wear it a lot, although it fits pretty badly. Luckily you can’t tell from this dodgy PhotoBooth shot. The tee gets worn a lot, expect to see it pop up again this month.

Thursday 2nd:


Worn with some jeans and a cardigan from Uniqlo. I felt terrible and had to leave work early, so no photos of me looking pale and sickly I’m afraid.

Friday 3rd:


Feeling better, but not enough for a photo of myself. I’m not very good at it at the best of times. This is a really lovely top to wear, and I find it dresses up jeans without being too, well, dressy.

Saturday 4th:


This was a fail, but I like to wear it as a house dress. I’m too pernickity to flaunt the weird side seams and bad hem job outside, but indoors I will twirl away to my heart’s content. It’s so comfortable and I should really make another.

Sunday 5th:


This was my first time wearing this, on a mini trip to Brighton. Whilst it is a closer fit than my polka dot version, it’s still very comfortable. A bit more casual though.

Monday 6th:


Travelled home on Monday, and got changed into my comfy house dress.

Tuesday 7th:


Fail. I failed to wear anything me-made to work. I feel awful for not participating properly. It was hot, a lot of stuff was still in the wash, I panicked. I am going to wear my pjs tonight though to make up for it.

Lessons Learned:

  • I wear more polka dots than I realised.


  1. So, the big question I have for you is how do you do jersey neck/armhole binding? Tanks are often bound with a bias strip of jersey and it’s driving me insane. I even bought a special foot to see if I could alleviate some of the frustration but I can’t seem to get the tension right!!

    Any help would be AMAZING

    1. Big question indeed! I followed this tutorial:
      It took me a few tries to get it right, but now I’ve learnt a bit more about working with stretchy materials I feel able to guess my way round the fabric better. I’m never sure if it’s the correct way to finish armholes, but it’s what I know, and works just fine.
      One thing I also like to do is topstitch over the seam where the binding joins. I use a narrow zig zag stitch so it;s almost invisible. Twin needles are meant to be good, but I always seem to break them.

      I hope this is helpful in some way…

      Not sure what you mean by the tension – the thread or the stretchy fabric?
      Also not sure about a special foot – what did you buy?

  2. Can one have too much polka dots? I don’t think so! Very cute me-made outfits. I need to get to working on some shirts, yours look great! I mostly tend to make skirts.

    1. Thanks very much! I need to make some skirts I reckon, too many shirts. Swapsies!

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