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Me-Made-May 2013: week three

This week was hard. It’s been dire on all fronts. A fair few repeats and realisations, and very few photos. I wear the same outfit every day, I struggle to think outside my ‘jeans and a top’ box. I’m starting to accept that I need to make a sewing wardrobe plan and stick with it. […]

Practice, practice, practice

Since completing my first knitting project, I have gone a little knit crazy. I am determined to knit a jumper or two (Chuck is on my hit list for sure). I want to brighten up my knitwear wardrobe and replace any horrible plastic fibres with beautiful, beautiful wool. As they say, practice makes perfect, so […]

On Creative Urges

So many projects, so little time. I struggle to buckle down and finish garments. On Wednesday night I managed to finish off a small knitting project and fix a skirt to wear today. Pretty productive for a school night, however I also have a jacket lining to sew and insert, a dress I started making […]

Me-Made-May 2013: week two

Wednesday 8th: Silken Scout Despite the stain, I still wear this from time to time. I’m concentrating more on what I wear and what I have made, and I think I need to lower the armholes a tiny bit on future Scouts. Thursday 9th: ¬†Calvin Klien/Vogue blouse (unblogged) This blouse was made after this mess […]

Me-Made-May 2013: week one

As this is my first ever Me-Made-May, I thought I should make an effort document it and what I am learning about my me-mades. This first week has been okay, although it is a bit of an effort making the conscious decision to choose from a limited wardrobe selection. Honestly, I thought it would be […]