You Can Always Depend on the Kindness of Strangers

This post is an acknowledgment of the sewing community and particularly of Mari over at Disparate Disciplines.


I won a giveaway you see, and it has warmed my little heart. There’s nothing like a bit of receiving to make you feel good! Seriously though, whilst I’m a very small-time blogger with an even smaller audience I have been charmed by the overall lovliness of the online sewing community. I’m inspired to host a little giveaway of my own, but I might wait until the odds are fairer and I’ve got a few more regular readers.

On the subject of generosity – if I had more to offer you all I would. I’m not a good teacher so don’t expect any tutorials, not yet anyway. I’m more of a documenter, and it’s nice when people notice that. I love the camaraderie, seeing friends made, comments shared, outings planned. Such a bunch of friendly people!

Anyway, my point it that I am happy to be a small part of something so warm and generous. And thank you Mari, the thread is perfect and I can’t wait to bust out the earphone spool on the tube!

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