Ohhh Betty


You must know about Ohhh Lulu, right? Sarah Norwood’s beautiful lingerie line. One day they will all be mine, but until then she has been gracious enough to allow home-sewers the opportunity (patterns) to make their own. So far there is a Ginger swimsuit pattern, a Betty knicker pattern and a thong.

These are made from some black jersey and some scraps from the fabric from hell that I made my failed Tiramisu from. The lingerie elastic is from an eBay shop. I had much more success using this picot edge elastic than fold-over. Fold-over elastic tends to stretch out and distort when I use it, and despite trying again and again, I just can’t seem to tame it. I would love to find out what I’m doing wrong.

I love my overlocker.

I love my overlocker.

High waisted knickers aren’t for everyone, and can very easily enter granny-pant territory. Ohhh Lulu seems to have made them both acceptable and sexy. I’m a fan, but not a total convert. They look huge compared to my rtw knickers, but boy are they comfy. The main thing I noticed was the width of the crotch. Yep, there it is, the word crotch. I considered photographing a comparison of crotch widths but thought better of it. You’ll just have to believe me.


It took several attempts to get these to fit right. The waist needed tapering quite a lot, so cautiously trimmed some width off both front, back and side panels until I got it right. I’ve made several test versions of these, in knits, in wovens, but this is the first pair that look like I imagined when I thought about making pants. More to come!

Have you sewn your own lingerie? It seems to be more and more popular with the online sewing community, and I love the wealth of information out there.


  1. […] the subject of knickers, Mrs Depew of A Few Threads Loose is hosting a giveaway for one of her new patterns. It’s for […]

  2. […] I’ve made these before, in jersey so I’ve nailed the sizing, they fit perfect, although my elastic application still needs lots of practice. The seams are sewn with a zig zag, and overlocked to finish. No matter how hard I try, I always seem to get wavy elastic. Steaming does help it regain it’s shape, but never fully. I’d love to know if anyone has any tips or tricks. I always measure out the elastic and make sure not to overstretch it, but I rarely get it perfect. […]

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