Do you ever get around to finishing old projects that went astray? I prefer to banish them to an unused wardrobe and leave them to hang, so the shame doesn’t haunt me. Dramatic, huh? If I keep seeing it, I keep feeling bad. This way, I can leave it in relatively okay condition waiting for the day I feel okay with finishing, and or deciding if it’s really worth it. Crumpling them up into a bag/box only adds to the shame when finally pulled out to inspect, like a dirty rag.

Inspired by the confessions over at Sewaholic, here are my own – laid bare for all to see.


Date Started: early 2012…


I made a muslin for this and loved it. I made it up in fabric that I love (heavyweight black cotton pique) with lining that I loved even more (Liberty silk satin), and I hated the jacket. I think it’s the neckline. I drafted several different collars to try and fix it but I’m not actually interested in fixing it. It felt like a bizarre short stay freak of a jacket.
It’s hard to show the jacket detail as it’s so black, so you’ll have to look at the Burda website. There is a lovely beige version that someone made on there, sadly mine did not compare.

Likelihood of it ever getting finished (on a scale of 1-10): 0. Over it. I will try and salvage the lining for something else.


  • Burda Eva jacket

Date Started: June 2012


Using a free Burda pattern and following an old rtw jacket tailoring sewalong, this is pretty well made if I do say so myself, but I f***ed up the bound buttonholes, and fell out of love immediately. I have to say that my fabric choice was good, it’s a gorgeous wool twill and the lining is silk twill/tie fabric. This fits me surprisingly well, but I just don’t seem to care now that a minor detail is ruined. It feels like a shame to let it go to waste however I’m not sure I can face my mistakes. All it needs is a good press and a hem.

Likelihood of it ever getting finished (on a scale of 1-10): 5. After revisiting it I’m starting to change my mind. I need a second opinion.


Date Started: January 2012


Not made of leather obviously. Again, another version on Burdastyle tempted me to try this pattern out, but the more I sewed the more I realised that it just wasn’t for me. It’s a little bit schoolgirly, and that’s not a good look for me. It’s lined with the same silk that my silk Scout tee is made from. What is it with my good fabric/bad garment problem?

Likelihood of it ever getting finished (on a scale of 1-10): 0. It’s not going to happen. Is it okay to give an unhemmed skirt to a charity shop?


  • Vogue/Calvin Klien blouse

Date Started: March 2012


Now this is a case of bad fabric/good pattern that almost broke me. I’ve made this blouse since and been very successful. Nothing to blog about though. This Liberty version was going to be spectacular, mostly due to the fabric, but it slipped all over the place when I was cutting out and I believe that is where the problem lies. I’ve blogged about it before and had written it off, but I’m going to sit down one day and work it out. I’ve just got to be in the right mood.

Likelihood of it ever getting finished (on a scale of 1-10): 9. Just not yet.


Date Started: August 2012


It’s for the best that this photo is blurry. Again, inspired by Grainline’s beautiful version I began making this jacket and stopped before hemming. It’s a bit too short and boxy and does me no favours whatsoever. Again, I love the fabric and the lining but am not enamoured with the (almost) end result. What to do? Re-fit it? Bin it? I just can’t decide.

Likelihood of it ever getting finished (on a scale of 1-10): 5. Totally on the fence.

Through this little exercise I’ve realised I have a weakness for jackets that I don’t love. This is tough, because I want to sew two new jackets this year, one another Burda (should I just give up now?) and one a vintage Vogue. I’ve certainly come to understand that the more wearable an item the more pleased with it I feel. My coat for example gets worn every day now I’ve taken the shoulder pads out. I desperately need a jacket as my old rtw is falling apart literally at the seams. What to do?

Does anyone else ever suffer inner sewing turmoil?

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