Keeping up with the Joneses

thurlow side view

Whilst I read a lot of sewing blogs and feel inspired by what everyone is making, it is rare that I seem to make the same thing within the same time period. Having seen lots and lots of Thurlow trousers I finally decided to give them a try. I’m not a previous fan of Sewaholic patterns, I’m always dubious when things are very popular, and I fell into this trap with Colette patterns. I loved several of the Colette range, but quickly found that they were not suited for my body shape. Sewing Pattern Review is a site I frequent and with good reason. Its very helpful when trying to ascertain whether forking out £15 for (essentially) some paper is worth it. Thurlow research took at least a month whilst I scoured the internet for people with similar figures and similar measurements.


My conclusion is that they were worth it. The measurement ratios were spot on, although I did make a size 4. I should have made a size up according to the back of the pattern, but research did me proud. I pulled the back crotch out to a size 6 (yes, I made a rare muslin!). Construction-wise I’ve not much to say. The instructions were pretty damn good, easy to follow. The only thing I took issue with was the waistband at the end. Somehow I failed and made it smaller in width than at the sides, plus the lining side of it is not so hot. I know that the lining bit was due to me being lazy and eager to finish, but I can’t say I even noticed the back until I came to put the belt loops on.


I also took the side seams in and the inner bootcut-y bit. I’m not a fan of flarey bootcut trousers, unless they are serious flares.

Do it right or go home.

Go big or go home.

Next time (and there will be a next time) I will take more care with the waistband and probably extend the back pockets. They are so shallow they are almost pointless. I’m interested to see how these fit after a wash as the linen blend fabric I used stretched out a bit during construction and wear.

UPDATE: It was a linen and wool mix. I sadly found this out after they shrunk throughwashing.

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