Spotted Scout

My main project at the moment is my 1960s coat which is nearing completion, however I needed a break from it and fancied the gratification that comes from finishing a project. Rather than start anything new I turned to my bag of lay aways, or UFOs as sewing blog world likes to call them.

I present to you a polka dot Scout from Grainline Studio:


I started this months ago and was happy to find it only needed hemming and the neck binding. Makes me wonder why I saw it as such a hassle to finish…

This jersey behaves more like a woven, it has very little stretch to it so I figured a Scout would be perfect, and it would make up for the partial loss of my last Scout. I picked it up online, it’s ex-Jean Muir fabric, like the wool jersey I used for my 60s knit dress. It’s ever so slightly transparent but not enough to cause problems.


Very few amendments here as it’s a very good pattern for me fit-wise. I lengthened it by about an inch and used a knit neckline binding method rather than bias tape. For the record I also used fusible hem tape before sewing down the hem. It creates a really neat, crisp finish.


I’ve got lots of other ufos in the bag, as well as some make do and mends. I guess this is the time of the year to be finishing them up. New years resolutions and all that…

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