Progris riport two: creating a monster/project paranoia

After my last progress post, I left the coat alone for a few days. Other commitments are eating into my sewing time, but I’m looking to get this wrapped up in a couple of weeks. I’ve completed units one through four and it’s starting to look more like a coat now.

In most of my longer sewing projects, there comes a time when I start to freak out a bit. No matter how long I’ve sat on an idea, turned it over in my mind and concluded that I can be trusted and should go ahead, indecision and self-doubt starts to creep in. Does anyone else get this? It’s not quite project dysmorphia, but something that happens during the creative process, in the actual making. Crafting paranoia. What on earth have I been doing all this time? What was I thinking? Have I made a bad colour/fabric/pattern/fitting choice? Is this just an all-round bad decision? Am I making a big scary monster coat?

green monster

It would seem so.

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