Sad, silky times

I have a sewing-related dilemma, and I need some advice.

The silk t-shirt I made has gone to ruin. I washed it as normal, only to realise when dry that there are stains on it. On the front no less. It is definitely noticeable. I have since tried soaking it in a vinegar solution, as well as using an Ecover stain remover and nothing. The stain has got a little smaller but it’s still there for all to see. I’m not even sure what caused it exactly.

I really don’t want to give up on it. Whilst it’s not perfect, I do really like this little guy. It’s comfortable and provides a tiny glimpse of sophistication that is missing from my everyday wardrobe.

Does anyone have any tips for removing silk stains? Lovely dried in ones?…


  1. It is a lovely top, it would be a shame to shelve it. Silk too, I am a big fan of silk. I’m no expert, but you could try: use a cotton tip to apply a drop of lemon juice to the stain, then put the top in a sunny spot for a couple of hours. Then rinse gently and dry normally. That said, if you have any bits of fabric left, maybe do a test with the lemon juice to make sure it won’t fade the fabric around the stain at the same time.
    I seem to remember seeing something on about silk repair, could be worth a look.

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  3. The only thing I could think of would be to leave it at the dry cleaners, tell them it’s silf and they can hopefully get the stain out. That’s what I usualy do when I have a stain and it won’t come out.

    1. Er… what’s silf? I’ve just had a weird time on google. Sisters, sandwiches, sheep, shirts…

      On reflection, maybe you just mean silk.

      1. Sorry meant to say silk, just a typo.

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