Monthly Archives: November 2012

Stuff for other people

Occasionally, I make stuff for other people, and even more occasionally than that, I get paid for it. One of Boyfriend’s friends liked the look of the Nintendo DS case I made for him, and asked if I could make a couple. They are for him and his girlfriend. They are both made from wool […]

The Shame

That ‘always powdering’ habit. Bad news. From a copy of Home Journal from 1938.

Picture Post

Life has dealt some hard blows this year. The most recent has left me utterly crestfallen. I struggle to read, write and talk as I did before. My hands however have been busy. Idle hands and all that. Expect some picture-heavy/word-light posts until my words come back to me. Here’s a little idea of one of […]

Sad, silky times

I have a sewing-related dilemma, and I need some advice. The silk t-shirt I made has gone to ruin. I washed it as normal, only to realise when dry that there are stains on it. On the front no less. It is definitely noticeable. I have since tried soaking it in a vinegar solution, as well as […]