Monthly Archives: October 2012

Fit for a King (of pop)

Sometimes I do cross-stitch. This was done for a friend of mine as a housewarming gift. She’s a big Michael Jackson fan. I’m not usually very keen on these 8-bit pixel people, but these I liked. You can buy the pattern here, although I’m sorry to say that I didn’t.

Adventures in wool jersey – Butterick 3212

What with the sudden onset of late autumn/winter here in the UK, my mind turns to warmth. And wool. I love wool, it’s my favorite fabric to wear. I scored some Jean MuirĀ black wool jersey online a while back. It was heavier and thicker than I had thought, but still very warm and very wearable. […]

Needlewoman and Needlecraft

Recently I went to a postcard fair (don’t ask) and in amongst all the postcards of various towns in England throughout the ages was a tiny stall with some sewing bits. Overpriced buttons, vintage (and by vintage I mean rusty) zips, old spools of thread and knitting patterns galore. They did have some original pattern […]