A Pencil skirt

I’ve been absent, sewing a jacket and having a personal crisis. I’ve almost finished the jacket (just in time for coat weather!) and will post it soon. The personal crisis is ongoing. This project was a distraction, intended to be a quick pick-me-up for my morale, sewing and otherwise.

Sewing blogs usually feature cats. This is the best I can do.

A while ago, I decided to step into the realms of Burda magazine, and have started buying them monthly. Overall there are a few weirds in there, several patterns that aren’t quite me, and some really nice basics that I am looking forward to making. First up, from August’s issue is pencil skirt 08/2012 #111C.

Catchy name. I love pencil skirts, I had quite a few until my wardrobe cull. Some of my favourites were ill-fitting and a bit tight, so they went to a new home. I have attempted a self-drafted pattern before with mixed, mostly bad results. The darts gave me pointy, wrinkly issues around the back.

I had quite a bit of red denim left over from the maritime shorts, so decided to use that up for this skirt, and to get it out of my stash. I prefer heavier weight fabric on my lower half, lightweight floaty skirts don’t wash with me, I need substance.

Simple enough to make up – there were only four pattern pieces, and I omitted the lining. Having worn it once, I think I may get a slip to wear with it. I used an invisible zip and got to use my trusty Husqvarna invisible zip foot again, which pleased me no end. It’s so easy to use. If anyone has a Husqvarna machine and struggles with invisible zips, I recommend it thoroughly.
The fit troubled me though. Something was wrong, and I couldn’t work out exactly what it was and where to correct it. I was wary of over-correcting and tampering with the fit too much. It would be too easy and wrong to make it tight and ease-less. When tracing the pattern, I graded up two sizes from the waist to the hips, according to my measurements, but then found it too big once sewn up, so had to take it in at the side seams a lot. Is this where I messed up the fit? It was comfy to sit down in, and wasn’t tight, but something around the hips, and/or the front waist didn’t sit right. I searched around the internet for fit issues, and all it took were new side seams (taken in about half a centimetre from waist to hip) and an amendement to the back darts. I made them a little longer.

Whilst I don’t post pictures of myself on this blog (paranoia more than vanity), I must say that fitting has concerned me more and more since starting it – it’s a good thing. I almost posted several badly-lit fitting photos, but decided to take another stab at it and almost won. I felt pretty smug about it, but on wearing it, noticed that it slid around my hips and looked weird. I ended up taking it in again, and now I’m really happy with this skirt. It’s comfortable, almost high waisted, and a good weight for winter. It’s a solid colour too! I’m slowly but surely conquering my print lust!

As you’ve probably heard and/or experienced, those pattern sheets in Burda magazine are crazy! I do love how they look though…

Thanks for reading!


  1. Your skirt looks great!

  2. I’m currently working on this skirt but I don’t know about the vent instructions. The last pencil skirt I made was short so it didn’t need a vent and this vent is looking odd. This is my first Burda pattern and it’s driving me crazy…maybe I’m just over analyzing it all…Can you offer any advice?

    1. Burda’s instructions are so unhelpful, it’s definitely not you! I didn’t read the instructions for this, and just bumbled my way through it. Here’s a helpful vent tutorial though: http://www.burdastyle.com/techniques/adding-a-back-vent-to-the-jenny-skirt-pattern

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