Monthly Archives: September 2012

A Pencil skirt

I’ve been absent, sewing a jacket and having a personal crisis. I’ve almost finished the jacket (just in time for coat weather!) and will post it soon. The personal crisis is ongoing. This project was a distraction, intended to be a quick pick-me-up for my morale, sewing and otherwise. A while ago, I decided to step into […]

When Good Sleeves Go Bad

Sleeves. You know, when they’re easing in like a dream. When the curves of the sleeve and armscye edges seem to marry up perfectly. When you feel super confident as you walk away from the sewing machine toward the mirror to have a quick peek. When it feels weird and slightly ill-fitting as you put […]

The Silken Scout

I totally have a crush. On a pattern line. After my success with the Tiny Pocket Tank and the Maritime shorts, I just had to have the Scout woven t-shirt pattern. I made it from some dark pink silk in my stash. It’s quite matt, and really quite lovely to work with, not at all […]

The Cull

Amongst other (much more) important parts of my life, I need to sort my wardrobe out. I’ll focus on the wardrobe bit on this blog, it is supposed to be a sewing/craft blog after all. You don’t need to read about my job woes. Since taking sewing seriously this year and pledging to make what I […]